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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by brian8472, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. i dont have a credit card but am over 18 :p so how else could i buy seeds from this site?
  2. i don't think sj is selling seeds yet, but i know he was gonna work on a page for it..........try a site like they're really cheap, and quite goo genetics, and you can send them money through the post, i've ordered from them in the past...........Peace out..........Sid
  3. you may not be able to order for a month or 2 as i think that they're sh:D down for winter, and will be opened under new management..........Peace out........Sid
  4. ive heard alot of people complaining about seeds direct i dont wanna get scre:Dwed :p
  5. seeds direct are one of the better suppliers, you have to admit that a lot of the time you'll hear things is just some peoples grudges, because their seeds got stopped at customs.....but they have a good reputation from what i hear.........Peace out........Sid

  6. I sure hope so. I just ordered 10 Dutch Passion Feminized "Mazar" seeds. I hope they get here alright.
  7. HIGH All, ordered from them a couple of times and had no problems...steath and speed were great.

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