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  1. Hi GC, looking for some help with my first grow in terms of the maximum amount of bud sites my set up can support without sacrificing yield. I currently have 4 females from bagseed in a small LST grow flowering, they are under 230 watts CFL light on a 12/12 cycle. The plants are currently on the 3rd week of flowering after veging for 3 weeks and I have a multitude of bud sites on each plant 9-15. The girls are in Miracle Grow Organic Choice soil and the pots hold 32 ounces of soil. My question now is do I have too many bud sites and should I trim the smaller ones to promote growth in the bigger sites. I am also using blackstrap molasses and a generic tomato fert for foods. Thanks in advanced for the help, I have pictures of 2 of the plants. Happy Tokin'

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  2. You can never have too many budsites :) i would get bigger pots and keep them the way they are.
  3. Bigger pots - start to think about nutes and flushing.
    And a bit more light...
  4. Exactly what I would do!
  5. Thanks for the help, I actually just transplanted them into 2 liter pots for the final bit of flowering. I won't be changing my lights though, I wanted to do this on a $50 budget and so far I haven't went over lol.

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