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Question about broken bowl

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by 1620, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. So I have this sherlock pipe and I poked through the bottom hole while cleaning it. (the tiny hole where the air gets pulled through the weed) So now basically there's this giant hole where I'm supposed to pack da dank nuggets. But also there's a piece of glass stuck inside the bowl... So my question is one with regards to safety.

    Is it okay to smoke this dry sherlock pipe even though there's a piece of floating glass in the midst of itself?
  2. Have you tried rinsing it out or is it stuck?
  3. i know people use glass screens for their bowls so you'll be ok. unless you're worried about it unlodging and flying into your throat or something lol.
  4. True, if the hole isnt too big maybe you can use a screen.
  5. Just use a screen, if you dont have one go to your sink faucet and pull the metal screen out from where the water comes put with a little screwdriver, also just wash out the pipe, if the glass doesnt come out then it wont come out smoking it
  6. alright thanks guys. i actually just shook the pipe around and the glass broke into two different pieces which then fell out of the hole. I need to work on covering the gaping hole now. Does anyone have experience with those glass screens? would they work in this case?
  7. nevermind i searched and it looks like those glass screens will work nice.
  8. I've never tried them. But they seem cool to use

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