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Question about breaking it to a dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rivv, May 27, 2009.

  1. Basically i'm leaving out of state soon so told a guy I'd be getting a quad or so "this week".

    Well, I leave tomorrow, and he doesn't have any, so I'm going to go to another guy.

    Any suggestions on breaking it to him that I don't plan on buying it from him now?
  2. if your leaving for good it doesn't matter you will never see him again. if your just going on vacation ors something tell him you can't buy from him because you had to spend the money on something else.
  3. Usually when things like that happen, I call the guy and tell him politely that I had a last minute problem that kept me from being able to buy. Like Acorn327 said, just say you spent the money elsewhere. I don't think your guy will snap, he will surely understand.

    Good luck!
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    Yeah, if you're going on vacation just say there was something you needed to buy that you didn't realize you needed until now. And now you don't have enough money to purchase it.

    Just tell him you're going to have to get it somewhere else because he doesn't have it and you'll be gone tomorrow when he does?
  5. I would just say "You didn't have any so I got it somewhere else" :p

    Really. If he didn't have any, he has no reason to be irritated that you would get it else where. He can't expect you to wait on him. ;)

  6. ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!:hello:
  7. thanks guys =)
  8. Uhhhh, I thought dealers knew that you had other people? I know that my dealer sell to other people just like I buy from other people. You just have a main squeeze most of the time.
  9. my dealers know i pick up from others, they ask me for connections some of the time
  10. hahaha i love how it sounds like your cheating on him. but its no big deal, just send him a text that you dont need it anymore.
  11. Dude, he's not your girlfriend, it's not like you're cheating on him or anything. It's no biggie, unless he's a huge prick, he probably won't give a shit.
  12. If your favorite grocery store is out of something you want and you go to another one do you 'break it' to the first store? It's just business. Just tell him you don't want it anymore, if anything.

  13. Yes, to the stock boy after he confirmed they did not carry ExtenZe - the natural male enhancement.
  14. This is why you don't get too close with your dealer. He's not your friend, nor should you communicate on a friendly level. If I asked for bud and my dealer said he didn't have I would tell him on the spot that I was going to get elsewhere.
  15. My dealer is my best friend, but hopefully neither of us are going anywhere for a while :smoking:

    And OP, say: You did not have any bud at the time, and i had to buy it that day
  16. yeah, never get the mindset that you have to buy from the one guy; it's a business, the more you rely on your dealer, the less likely they'll work with pricing for you, etc. Honestly, you're doing them a favor by putting money in their pocket.

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