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Question about: Botanicare "Guardian My - Mycorrhizal rhizosphere inoculant"

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by growdirt, Apr 4, 2009.

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    hi all
    I got this sample of Botanicare "Guardian My - Mycorrhizal rhizosphere inoculant"
    and im not completely sure how to use it.
    seems like all the instructions are for hand watering or something
    it says:
    Directions for first application:
    rooted seedlings and cuttings: drench root zone with 4ml of Botanicare "Guardian My - Mycorrhizal rhizosphere inoculant"with 40ml of water per plant site or
    100ml per liter of water per 25 plants to achieve 50 propagules per plant site(what???)

    Directions for maintenance:
    perform follow up treatment at above dosage 2 weeks after 1st application.

    what do i do if i use rockwool in a flood and drain system
    and what should i use it on?clones?seedling?vegging plants?flowering plants?
    at what strengh for the flood and drain?


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