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Question about bongs and concerts.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by z0mbified, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So I have a fairly small bong about 10" long and am going to a concert on 420. It's a small venue downtown and they are pretty loose about the doors. So I was wondering if anyone has brought a bong to a concert before and their experience. Let me know how you got it in, I am kind of stuck as to the best way to bring it in. I'll post a picture below of my piece.

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  2. The last thing I would want to keep up with at a show is a bong. Good luck.
  3. Yea thats true, but i'll be able to go to other locations in the building, it has multiple rooms, levels. My only concern is what people working there would do. It's supposed to be a weed related concert. So idk.
  4. Get a small spoon or somthing
  5. Either bring a small pipe or, if you don't wanna get caught with paraphernalia, roll a j. :D

    Edit: strap them on the inside of your thigh, up close to your groin. I went to a heavily enforced rave (cops and staff and shit) and they didn't check anywhere on the inside of the legs for guys and girls, and no boobs for girls.
  6. Yea I did roll a damn good looking j earlier and I can't smoke in my apartment that heavily so I might just save it for the concert.
  7. You live in the twin cities? First ave is my favorite venue.
  8. I live in uptown. My favorite would have to be the Skyway theater. So many good edm shows there.

  9. Yes save the J, then very lightly tape it to your inner thigh so it will stay.

    Hope you have fun :wave: :D
  10. Wrap it up in a carrier bag or something and then put that in a bigger bag with the rest of your stuff in, take a bottle of water to fill it up with.. then just load up whenever the time feels right for you I guess, I don't go to many concerts and especially haven't had a bong session at one so not too sure on how you'd go about blazing up there, but good luck..
  11. Bring a package of stuff to make a homemade improvised water bong with a gatorade bottle and some other miscellaneous stuff in the bathroom.
  12. Roll a joint like a normal person.
  13. I have that same bong in green is that a custom bowl for it? Also like stated before bring a jay all around better idea.

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