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Question about Bong 'Joint Sizes'

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by callmekyle, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    The name's Kyle. I've been smoking for years now, and I'm finally in college and have my own house, and at this point in ones smoking life they usually start to finally look in to buying a bong instead of smoking like 5 blunts a day and 'wasting' weed. I've been on the prowl around my college town looking at bongs (why they even waste their time trying to get people to call them water pipes when they know good and well we're not putting pipe tobacco in them still eludes me, however, I digress) and I haven't really been too pleased with what my roommates and I have found so in my boredom and insomnia driven quest I have been looking all night on Grass City for bongs and pieces.

    I'll quit boring you all now and get straight to the point. Will these two pieces fit together and smoke properly? They are both 18.8 mm joint sizes, I would just like to be sure before I run the idea of buying them across my friends who will be investing in this beautiful new smoking apparatus with myself.

    First (We would take off the mouth piece and just attach the inline perc to the bong)
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    Black Leaf - Saxo Bong - Inline Perc - 8-arm-Perc - Beaker Base Glass Bong - Percolator Bongs - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    Final Comments: Thanks to all who help me out, and if you are willing and able, feel free to help me and my friends put together a bong from this website that would cost no more than about 450-500
  2. They will fit together and smoke fine, but the angle will be a little weird. That ashcatcher is meant to go on a 45 degree angle piece, and that tube is a 90 degree angle.

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