Question about bong joint size

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  1. Okay i ordered this bong from GC and in the description it says the joint size is 18.8 mm. Does this mean the downstem top or what because if i buy a new bowl idk what size to get. Here is the pic

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  2. if it only says 18.8 it means that the joint on the downstem (Where the actual bong and downstem meet) is 18.8mm, and the bowl to downstem joint is also 18.8. So if you are getting a bowl or A/C it needs to be 18.8, if you get a new downstem it needs to be 18.8...however, if you get an 18.8>14.5 downstem then you would need to get a 14.5 bowl.
  3. Ohhh okay. Thanks alot man!

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