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question about blunts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadaGuy, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. are blunts an american thing or what? everyone i know, never smoke blunts. i have been smoking for a year and have smoked 2 blunts, and one was a huge birthday blunt. and the other was a friend from toronto, i live in the middle of bumfuck no where, and always use glass pieces except parties.
  2. Blunts might be an American thing, I know
    A lot of people like to use them if they dont have a nice piece.
  3. Everyone out here smokes em daily... so...
  4. Yea where i'm at blunts are more of an outside thing. Like if you are at a party. Or if you and your friends just meet up and have to smoke outside you use a blunt. Because they run smooth in pretty much any weather. They have a little tobacco in them which is nice if you like that. I don't hate it so i can deal. But if you really don't like it then use a wrap which is a blunt with no nicotine. You can also roll quite a bit in a big blunt. A swisher can fit like 1.0-1.5 grams thats pushing it though. But if you get a big wrap you can fit like up to 4 grams in some of those. And just be faced.

    I smoked the most blunts during high school to be honest. Thats when i got friends that were old enough to buy them. We used them a lot since we always had to smoke outside. But once you get your own place and grow up a bit and you can smoke inside blunts aren't really that nice. BEtter to have a bowl in my opinion. Some people like bongs or vapes.

    But a blunt is nice every now and then. Like once every two weeks you smoke a few blunts and think back to how stuff used to be when you smoked them everyday.
  5. blunts are for amateur smokers who dont know anything about cannabis. All my weed noobie friends always smoke them. They also dont like smoking by themselves... e.g. usually the only time they smoke is blunts with friends.

    hurr durr lets go grab a dubsack of some shitty brick weed and then buy a $1 blunt and then smoke it and get high for 30 min.

    The only time i see kb blunts is for special occasions. Or if the person isnt worried about money.
  6. Wtf is your problem? How does someone only smoking with friends make them a less knowlegdable smoker? And how does smoking blunts equate too lesser bud? I lived in LA when i was younger and it was damn near impossible to find brick weed. Infact i have never bought brick weed to this day. I have seen two mexicans who tried to sell me bobby brown. And an asian who was selling really crappy low mids. Other than that its always been high mids or dank.
  7. A lot of people smoke blunts because their favorite rappers smoke them. Look at all of the ancient cannabis locations around the world... Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, South Africa...

    Now think of new cannabis locations such as England, Amsterdam, etc...

    Do you think those people there smoke blunts? I doubt it.

    It's an American thing.
  8. i figured that, they just seem like the biggest waste of bud. when i can take three hits from my bong and be fine for the next hour or two.
  9. #9 Blunt, Aug 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, 2011
    That's a pretty big generalization to make..

    If you think no one in Amsterdam smokes blunts then you obviously have never been there.
  10. I like to smoke the occasional blunt... theyre good for chillin in the hottub watchin a movie :smoke:
  11. i think its a everythinng
  12. umm i smoke blunts because with dank shit a nice 2g game gets you baked
  13. Well, not no one but they're in the definite minority where as over here, blunt smokers are very prevalent.

    Also, you're right. I haven't been to Amsterdam. Wish I could have gone before they closed down cannabis tourism.
  14. I am from Montreal and i've smoked blunts before, I just prefer joints :)
  15. Ha, real funny bro. First off, your completly wrong. Blunts get me 10x higher than most things, except for a bong and a vape. You can't say blunts are for amatuer smokers when most new smokers get a pipe or papers.

    hurr durr.
  16. Hmmm... i've smoked numerous blunts filled with top of the line dank.. so maybe where your from its like that.. but around here.. all about the $50 blunts.
  17. Blunts are good to chill on sometimes and they give you a good flavor but I only smoke like 1-3 a month otherwise it's always a bong., and no offense to anyone but it seems like blunts are more of a black thing than an American thing
  18. I love a nice blunt once in awhile. I used to hate them. But Im the last year, I've started to like them more and more. I prefer them over joints any day. For me, they are more of a party thing. My friends n I will roll some up if we are going to a party and want to just not have to light a bowl.

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