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  1. okay, ive been wondering for a while now what that stuff people call "cancer paper" is and if its on all cigars (including wraps). its been bothering me alot lately because i don't want to smoke any shit that might give me cancer :mad:
  2. its only on certain cigars. I have never seen it on a wrap.

  3. no, the "cancer paper" is kinda like a filter to make the smoke a little less worse for you, when the cigar is smoked normally
  4. yea they got that shit in black n milds. dont worry about it
  5. I don't want to be the one to start a flame war or hijack a thread, but that is wrong. The little strip of paper has no effect on the smoke that passes through the tobacco of a regular blunt cigar. I have no proof saying that it causes cancer, but I can assure you that it does not filter anything one bit, and it certainly does not prevent cancer if you smoke.
  6. i bought one of those double platinum wraps recently and it says that they are made from tobacco leaves. is this normal for cigar paper? cuz tobacco is what gives u the cancer :confused:
  7. I smoke cigarettes, so its really hard for me to worry about anyting in a cigar for a blunt.
  8. Yes that is normal.

    A Cigar is tobacco wrapped up in tobacco leaves.

    A CIGARette is tobacco wrapped up in paper.

    really though I wouldn't worry about it. I highly doubt you'll get cancer from smoking blunts unless you're taking multiple blunts to the dome every day.
  9. well i don't, so i worry alot :p
  10. Well, look at it this way. If there was anything to worry about from the blunt, instead of just there being a higher risk from cancer from smoking cigarettes, everyone who smoked cigarettes would be get cancer.
  11. This is an example of cancer paper on a dutch:


    It's the part on the tip. People either take that part off (shown above) or just break the tip off completely. I break the tip off because personally I don't like the fact of smoking the residue left behind.
  12. cancer paper refers to the paper on the tip and the inner paper in black and milds
  13. On a good day Ill smoke 3 blunts.
    A bad day 1 blunt

    I have personally never took any paper off a gutted cigar.
    Its wasteful to me.
    I pay 75 cents for that gar I want all of it.

    As for cancer, your smoking tobacco regardless of its its 1 inch of blunt wrap or 5 inches.
    So if you get cancer don't be surprised,smoking does that regardless of whats in the blunt.

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