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Question about blunts...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeMaster9000, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. I'm getting some nice cigars from a friend for this weekend. I have a few questions.

    1) Should I roll the tobacco and bud together? Or just bud?

    2) I heard you can put honey on a blunt. How would you do this without totally covoring it in gooey honey? Would it burn? Why would you do this?

    Anything else I should know? ...seeing at this will be (almost) my first blunt, certainly my first time rolling my own. Give me some suggestions to use my cigar skins to the fullest.
  2. I AM BLUNT KING! - ahahah... maybe not, buts its all i smoke and worship though.

    You really dont need really nice cigars for a blunt. Its the cheap ones such as Phillies that are for blunts.

    Open the cigar up. Slit the cigar down the middle lengthwise. Dump out ALL the insides (nasty shit).Now you have a piece of brown cigar skin the size of a Jumbo Paper. Lick it up. Make it really most. Put herb inside, and roll it like a joint. Using Saliva to glue it. Dont let it get dry ever. Just go slow.

    Honey gets sloppy. Since you are a blunt rookie. Try to roll your blunt first. Then sparingly put a very very thin layer of honey on the outside of the blunt. Dont put it too close to where you are gonna hold it and smoke it (gets messy).

    Just holler at us if you want more help. There is many Blunt Pros around here.

    peace - good luck
  3. you put honey on so it taste like honey and burns real slow
  4. yum yum, burning slowly is good. But weed is really good

  5. if you got alot of weed just pack a gotti
  6. i suggest using berry blunts, they smell like syrup and your hands will smell great the rest of the day :)
  7. pack a havent much experience rolling..gotti's are easy and impressive..
  8. i was happy when i figured out how to use mine :p
  9. Rolling machines are great for joints! I really need to learn how to roll a blunt though. I know of at least one time I could have impressed a chick if I would have known how to roll a blunt.

    Puff, Puff, Pass!
  10. im practicing with cig tobacco and blunt wraps.
  11. aaaaa.... thats the most obvious representation of the DEVIL! You guys have to practice until you turn your hand into Rolling machines. There is more pride in smoking the joint you rolled. Practice practice rolling blunts by hand, practice practice practice joints by hand and sooner or later you pick up your own perfect techniqie. Sure enough the first blunts and joints will look like ass... but its all good.. its all part of it.

    throw away the rolling machines now... RIGht NOW!

  12. Lol. You guys are crazy. Sucks how I'm underage and can't buy the skins myself.
  13. I asked my friend today, and he said he would sell me "Philly Titans". He said they're about 7 inches long, and square. 3 of them for $5. Are these any good?
  14. how do you pack a gotti did you ask? get something to pick all the guts out of the cigar..that leaving you with an empty cigarlike tube..the skins if you will, from the cigar...then you fill that with weed...occasionally tapping the bottom on something to lightly pack the blunt.the end result looks like a perfectly normal cigar...this smokes for a long time, and still hits nicely.
  15. titans are fine, just huge blunts basically. you can get them for cheaper than 5 bucks in the stores but if you're underage you might as well get them off your friend for a little more.
  16. I rolled a gotti with those Titans. Me and two other friends. We couldn't even finished it and we were blasted. Thanks!
  17. YAYY!!!!!

    i was smoking a bowl..and was so intent on the flames..i didnt notice the flame sensation in my leg..well..i had dropped part of the cherry out somehow...and there was a small coal burning through my boxers, into my naturally, i beat the fuck out of my burning leg, in a spastic motion of true panic..because i was back to our broadcast.
  18. can some one show how u do it cause ive tried it and its like ripped the blunt and it makes me mad and the blunt is like to bent and i try to lick and its just like ahhhhhhhhhhh! and it annoys me cause i love blunts
  19. packing a gotti?..or rolling a blunt?
  20. feels great to roll something your self, practice makes damn near perfect, i can roll blunts that look like those tiny cigars you buy at the store, cigarillos incognito factor is high till they smell what your cooking

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