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Question about Blunt Rolling Techniques

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hydnwtkns, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. So, I've been smoking bud for a little more than a year now, and I have stumbled upon a question. I have two great smoking buddies; both of which love to roll blunts. They each have a different rolling technique. My one friend just licks, cuts and rolls; while the other unravels the cigar and splits the inner layer before rolling. Is there a major difference between the two techniques. I mean obviously there is, but is one "better?"
  2. Hmm, send me a sample of each. Be sure to label which is rolled which way. Ill get back to you very fast.

    But seriously, which smokes better? Thats the only way to tell.
  3. So if I understand correctly both of your friends use the outer leaf.
    So... you should roll the way you are better at just the first two times roll the different ways.

    If one uses out leaf and one does not, learn the outer leaf way because you will learn both ways, then just pick the one you like more.
  4. I will post some pics soon. BTW: the friend who unravels the cigar, rewraps it at the very end
  5. what kind of cigars is he using? i ususally use swishers, which have like 3 individual leafs, so i just split and roll
  6. I have heard of people not taking the outer leaf off and just cracking the dutch down the middle. I have never seen this done or smoked a dutch rolled without the out leaf removed first. I heard if you dont remove the outer leaf the blunt with burn much faster than removing the leaf first. again this is just what i heard.
  7. No major difference but I prefer to "mummy" my blunts, meaning wrap the outter leaf around the inner once I'm done rolling.
  8. Believe it or not, I have not found any swishers around my area. We prefer to use Game cigars.
  9. if you split it open doesn't the outer leaf just fall apart?
  10. Go to any 7-eleven and they should have swishers in stock. I prefer to uses dutches and:
    -Unravel outer leaf, peal cancer paper off. Note where the gum line is.
    -Put outer leaf back on and cut next to where the gum line is.
    -Cut the gum line off. Lick the two cut sides so the outer leaf stays on the paper.
    -Put in the goods. Roll up. Seal.
    If you do this and you are good at rolling, you can make the blunt look exactly like a fresh dutch.

  11. You take the leaf off just to find the glue line? Dude keep the leaf off, cut and roll the inside, then roll the leaf back on at the end...
  12. Ive done both, Cracking a blunt down the middle is way quicker and leaves little room for error, but for me i dont smoke the cancer paper so i rip that whole section out, meaning my blunt is shorter

    If your roll a dutch or game and unravel it you can take out the cancer paper then roll it back up, leaving it longer. But there is way more chances for error in rolling, but if you skill it every time i see no problem but it takes longer to do.

    Other than that they should smoke the same because the outer leaf makes it smoke longer, so i dont think anyway is better, just a preference of rolling
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    I prefer just the outer but i'll smoke it either way. I drive down to the indian smoke shop, about 10 min. away buy a box of a 100 grape 100 peach $33.00 each and a splitter $2.00 ( a tool used to make a slice down one side )that lasts me and family a couple of weeks or so. I put all the tobacco thats removed in a clean baggy add some papers and give it to the local bums. Or my bum friends:D
  14. cut a green game and roll it like this

    [ame=]YouTube - How to roll .3 blunt[/ame]
  15. I find it takes more skill to unravel the outer layer, then roll the inner then roll the outer back on.

    looks danker too

  16. In my experience the more layers of leaf or whatever around the blunt the slower it burns. The advantage of removing layers would be a smoother smoke and less niccotine. ;)
  17. Around here we call the two different styles one stepping (cracking down the middle) or two stepping (de-leafing the cigar and re rolling it afterward). Personally i never two step because everytime one of my friends does it the blunt is nowhere near as perfect as when it is one stepped. Usually when i one step a blunt depending on how much nug i have I can make it look like a dutch right out of the wrapper.

    BUT, with Game cigars, I always prefer a two step because they have cancer paper on them and its fucking so hard to crack it with that shit on, plus i aint tryna smoke that shit.

  18. thats crazy. i guess that just goes to show you how different cities can be.
    where im at, they only have swishers, white owls, zig zags, and misc wraps.
    i rarely see phillys, and never see games or dutchies. man i sure am tired of swisher rellos :|
  19. ^ wow that really sucks man, mini honey dutches are my shit!

  20. Hell yea green leaf honey rellos are the way to go, But I "one step" it meaning i dont unravel the leaf. I think its faster and easier. I know how to do both and switch it up from time to time tho

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