Question about biodegradable pots, soil, and seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BlueHarvestMoon, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. About a two weeks ago I planted three germinated seedlings thinking I knew what what I was doing. They never worked out, either because It rained heavily the day after or I just planted them too shallow in the soil. I want to make it work out this time.

    What my plan is is to plant another 3 seeds into small biodegradable pots which will be filled with Fox Farms Happy frog potting mix. Then mix Fox farms ocean forest mix into the soil surrounding the pot. Starting with a high concentration close to the pot which gradually become less concentrated the farther away it was from the pot. Would this work or does it make no sense?

    Also, I'm torn between what strain to go with. I'd like to go with either ak-48, Rasberry cough, or Sativias Sour diesel. Keep in mind I'm growing in a outside, humid subtropical climate. I'd love to hear yalls opinion.
  2. That plan sounds good
  3. You should be fine with the soil/pots. As for the seeds Raspberry Cough is pretty much an indoor strain but the Sour Diesel should do well in your climate. If your goin AK-48 I would recommend you go for the auto AK-48. And I'm not a big auto guy but 48 auto is considered one of the strongest/most potent auto's ever and is a bit more forgiving of a plant than Photo 48's.
  4. IDK what plants they're designed for but I've never had anything healthy grow in them (peat pots).

    My son brought home a strawberry bush from school, they used those stupid pots in the beginning and the thing was almost dead. So I dumped it out and no roots had broken through it, peeled the stupid thing off and replanted it. Then it began thriving and I still have the bush 3 years later.

    I tried to grow cannabis in them a long time ago, but once something fucks up your plants you tend to not use it anymore. One shot, all my plants got stunted, threw them in the garbage and never considered them again. Seriously, it's less stressful to transplant carefully than to use some gimmick that does the complete opposite of what you're trying to achieve.

    So yea, that's my experience with peat pots. Not very scientific, never really narrowed down the source of the problem. Maybe they're too tough, maybe they're too acidic, but if it's something that reduces my chances of growing healthy plants then it has no place in my garden.
  5. So instead of the pot, I should just dig a hole, fill it with the happy frog soil, and just plant the seed in it?

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