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Question About Bho

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by higherfire, May 30, 2013.

  1. Recently attempted a run with a half but had a very insufficient yield, only about .8, we purged in hot water than followed up with a hot plate.... Im thinking the hot plate was to much? Or maybe we should just run it again? Any ideas would be appreciated

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    i dont know anything about that but i can tell you invest in a vaccum system to boil the BHO out of the mix, maximum yields
  3. Don't know much about your topic but I'm intetested to hear why you got such a small yield.


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    Its all about the material you start with; thats what really determines your yield 
    Sure things like how much of the can you run; or the purging method might make a bit of difference; but its minuscule compared to the difference your starting material makes. If you only got .8 out of a half oz then this has gotta be the case, I usually get much better than that out of 10 grams! 
    so what were you running, was it nug, shake, trim, etc. and how was the quality? If you wouldn't smoke it, but made it into oil, then thats likely the catalyst for your low yield 

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