Question about bass.

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  1. So, I recently decided i want to try to learn to play the bass
    I can already play guitar so it won't be too hard.

    But, I was wondering, what is a good bass for a beginner, that isn't too expensive?
  2. You don't need a good bass when you're a beginner, for all you know you might not even want to continue after a couple of months. I got the cheapest deal imaginable with a hunk of crap... the shittiest action I have ever seen on a bass, but it was 100 dollars with the amplifier, jack and gig bag so who can complain.

    Get yourself the cheapest thing you can, even if it's second hand... and then see how you progress from there.
  3. Excellent advice. My first bass was a shitty Yamaha I bought at a silent auction for 100$. Just go to Wallmart and get the cheapest bass you can find (they sell instruments right?) you can always invest in a better one down the road.
  4. We all have different definitions of expensive

    I'd probably spend about $200 on a Squier P-Bass or Jazz Bass just because it's going to be your first and you can always upgrade later, but if you lose interest you're not in the hole for a lot of dough
  5. I'd say go with the Jazz Bass.
    They sound good and you can get them pretty cheap.
    I'd suggest getting one from Musician's Friend.
    Google it my friend.
  6. Thank you, +rep for the great advice.
  7. agreed on jazz bass. super nice. good tonal options as well.

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