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  1. My girls are late in flowering and a few have started to banana, one of them Hermied and I found and removed a male looking bud a week ago or so. So my question is should i let the banana keep growing or chop early or what?

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  2. You can just take some tweezers and pluck out the nanners. If it gets to be too much just chop.

  3. No shit? Have you done this before? I know little to nothing about dealing with bananas so im trying to collect as much information as possible before i act.
    Any chance you know what removing bananas would do compared to not removing?
    And could you tell me what too much is?
  4. Yes I've had to do it myself. It won't hurt the plant. If u don't pluck the nanners then you stand the chance of them busting open and self pollinating the plant. If that happens then the plant is taking away energy from growing bud and turning it into energy to produce possible seeds which u don't want obviously. What is too much is all up to you, really depends how many nanners there are and how long you're willing to put up with it before just chopping her.
  5. So nanner buds have pollen in them that will spread more? I have 6 girls, 6 different strains. 2 of the 6 have nanners, 1 has more than the other. From what your saying it sounds like if I chop i have better chance of stopping more nanners forming on other plants , and that letting a nannerd girl mature, will focus on seeds and not flowers so its just a waste of time and a risk because of possible spreading.
    So i should really chop the 2 of 6 that are infected in hopes of preserving the 4 sterile ones right? and THanks for your input MrPapageorgio!

    depending on how bad theyve hermied , im planning on converting them into bubble hash if i must so thats keeping my rage down haha.
  6. Yeah it's all up to you. Gotta compare the bad with the good. Hermied bud doesn't mean it can't be good smoke. You'd be surprised how good it still can be. Based on your situation with 4 other plants with no nanners I'd probably chop. U definitely do not want an osculating fan on, that would help spread pollen. How many weeks into flower are the 2 hermies again?
  7. as of my last close inspection all but 1 are bananaing. i chopped the Jupiter Og witch has the most naners and was almost done before they starting appearing more. and theres some milky and amber hairs on the none naner buds so shes hanging now, im expecting a stativa high over indica cause the white hair naners,il soon find out. Im just gonna let the other 5 keep on growing and worst comes to worst il make hash and be better prepared for the next crop.

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