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  1. Hey all, how goes it?..Just a quick question on birds, or more specifically, the heat detectors they equip.. If I were to cultivate in an outdoor building separate to main house, for example, a garage or shed, what product would offer me the best protection against detection?.. I'm open to all sudgestions.
    Thanks for your time.
  2. anti detection sheeting
  3. I am also about to start a little opp and that was one of my worries as well, I thought the cops couldnt use helicopter detection without a warrant or something? plus im pretty sure if ur only growing a few plants they wouldnt be able to tell from the INFIR detection

  4. I hope that is the case, but we get at least 2 helis around here everyweek so I would say that the chances of them just stumbling across it would be decent, which is why I want to be extra safe.. I'll definately look out for the sheeting aswell. Thnks for the replys. Keep em coming..
  5. Depends how big of an Ops you have, you shouldn't worry if it's small (250 w, 400 w, 600w) the only thing these helicopters look for is HEAT BEING PUMPED OUT of your house at an anormal place. If you watch the DVD Never Get Busted again. This ex DEA agent will tell you all you need to know.

  6. I will youtube it.. As for the wattage, maybe between 1500-2000w, now you can see why I'm looking for something reliable..
  7. Also in that video I am pretty sure Barry says it is illegal for them to use it on your house without a search warrant, but it is not illegal for other buildings on your property.
  8. There was a post on GC just last week by someone claiming to be an attorney and saying that FLIR detection without a warrant is essentially illegal search/entry. The logic of the courts that he was supposedly quoting is, in effect, that you are entitled to privacy behind the walls of your home so a technology that sees through those walls is the same as going in the door, so if LEO doesn't have a warrant to go through that person's door then by the same token they can't look through your walls without a warrant either. I don't know if this guy really is an attorney or really knows what he is talking about, but he was quoting law cases and sure sounded like he knew his stuff. Anyway, just more FYI...
  9. Power does as power wants. Legal or not, the police have their FLIR toys and the only way to be safe is to assume they'll use them regardless of the law.

    You said you get choppers flying around regularly, so you're definitely going to want some protection. Aluminum foil is an excellent reflector of infrared light (heat), so I'd cover the inside of your roof with the stuff.

    Now if you're running over 1000W you're going to have to be sneaky with that heat. If you're pumping hot air out of this structure, that air is going to show up as a big colorful cloud of heat on an infrared camera. You'll want to find some way to cool the air before you pump it out. You may be able to use an air conditioner, though you would have to keep the unit off-site so that it doesn't add more heat to the big heat blob where you're growing.

    I'm sure there's a clever way to manage the heat. Don't take any chances though.
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    Thermal Sheild [ame=""] Thermal Shield, 25 feet: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]
  11. Those thermal shields look pretty promising. If need be you could always make an underground bunker and run wire to your house for electricity. Thinking along the lines of the underground grow in pineapple express.
  12. Wow, I forgot about this thread. Never realised this info was lying around in my own damn thread.

    +Rep for the replys.
  13. Read my link on heat detectors.
  14. Thanks 4 the info & bump. I gotta spread or Id rep you.
  15. How often do you guys see these choppers near your houses? They generally come in the fall around here during harvest season. They fly up and down the backwoods power lines JUST over the tops of the power lines.

  16. This is the case with your actual house, but this law protecting your home does not include out buildings like sheds, garages that are not connected to your house, and barns. They can look at those with FLIR without a warrant and use that evidence against you.

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