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Question about avb tinctures

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Wally342, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Hey all, I'm new here. So I made a tincture using somewhere around 12-15 grams of avb and 200ml of everclear in a mason jar. This is my first time that I've made one and I'm a little confused. I see a lot of recipes saying that you should let the avb sit in it 2 weeks before straining it out, however I've also read a lot of people saying that when using everclear it happens a lot faster and only needs to sit for around 2 hours. Mine sat in room temp for about 18 hours being occasionally shook around before I dumped the avb. Was this an adequate amount of time or did I waste the avb? Also assuming it will work how should I dose it? Thanks.
  2. You are following a good strategy.

    Assuming 13.5 g of AVB that is fully decarbed and half as strong as 15% herb (2 shaky assumptions), the thc available is
    THC = (0.075)*(13,500 mg) = 1012 mg
    Potency = (1012 mg thc)/(200 mL) ~ 5 mg/mL
    1 mL is about 30 drops, so another way of expressing this is
    Potency = (5 mg/mL)*(1 mL/30 drops) = 1/6 mg thc/drop

    There are a few things you can do now if you want it more concentrated.

    (1) Reduce the tincture to a smaller volume by removing some of the alcohol. For example, if you reduced the volume by a factor of 6 then each drop would be 6 times as potent, or 1 mg/drop.
    (2) Remove all the alcohol, and replace it with a known amount of oil. For example, if you removed all the alcohol and replaced it with enough oil to make 15 mL volume, then
    Potency = (1012 mg thc)/(15 mL)*(1 mL/ 30 drops) = 2.2 mg thc/drop
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  3. That seems like a lot of alcohol to have to purge for such a small amount of weed.
    Seems the alcohol will hit you before you even notice there's weed in there.
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