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Question About Applying For MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by keno, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Do you need to have the condition already documented by your primary physician in order to be considered to use MMJ for that condition? i.e. I have severe anxiety and insomnia, but have never sought help through any physicians for it, let alone my primary care physician. Would I be able to go to a "pot doc" and have them run some tests on me or something or do I absolutely need the reference and "pre-existing condition" written by my primary care physician? Thanks.

    EDIT: I should mention I live in the great state of CA.
  2. im in the same boat as you. id like to know about this also
  3. another insomniac here... as well as minor OCD and adult ADD.

    forgot to post my state as well: Maine
  4. Just request a copy of your diagnosis and pertinent records.You have every right to do this without explanation.Then go to a MedMJ clinic (find local on internet).

    I've been "legal" for 2yrs, took 21yr old son and got his today for his B-day, was very easy.

    No. Cali.:smoke:

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