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Question about amsterdam

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonedPolitics, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Let's say I wanted to send myself some of the good stuff to the states.

    I'll be sending it to another address, with a different name, and it'll be as discreet as can be. My friend used this method and he got a way with it. My question is if the bud was found, would they just confiscate it and that be the end of it? or would they come to the house and investigate and shit?

  2. i'm pretty sure it's illegal to transport illicit drugs across state lines, bud
  3. I'm pretty sure it's also illegal to even be in possession of bud. :p

    I don't have any experience in this area but how much are you planning on transporting?
  4. He's not just shipping it across state lines. He's shipping it across COUNTRY borders. The outcome depends on who finds it and how it is found. If it is caught at customs in AMSTERDAM, then the Netherlands police will most likely try to track down who mailed it. If you are already back in America, that will likely be the end of it. If it is found by cops here in the USA, it depends on several things. First off, many times if you are shipping it to one area of the country, it will enter the country at another city. For example: if you are attempting to ship it to California from Amsterdam, it may enter the U.S. at customs in say, NYC. If it is found by the customs in NYC, then it depends how much is found. If they just find an ounce or two, they might just let the Netherlands know about the incident and forget about it. If you are shipping pounds of weed, then the DEA will most likely be contacted. If the DEA is contacted both the Netherlands and the US police forces will investigate and attempt to find you. At that point it is just the circumstances that influence whether or not you are caught. If the weed reaches NYC, makes it through customs, and is found by someone here in the US in another city, say the mail man, then it depends on the character of the person who finds it. If the mailman finds it and reports it, it once again depends on how much there is. He might just hand it over to the cops and you get off with nothing. But if it is a lot of weed, the DEA will still be notified, they will probably deliver it to the house, then stake it out. If you get caught on Netherlands soil, you are subject to their laws, which I know little about. But if you get caught with a lot of weed here in the US, you will just be treated like any other drug dealer. But if you are caught at customs you are pretty much fucked. You will be considered an international drug trafficker. At that point you are totally and utterly screwed. That is my take on the situation from the standpoint of the law, and it may or not be right. But I wouldn't risk it.
  5. Hmmm... probably go to a Post box and ship it from a fake name. Then, probably take out a PO Box in a fake name here in the US and ship it to that. Then, unless some crazy stakeout is planned at the Post Office, which you may be able to notice, you should be able to just go pick it up. Then again, I have no real experience with this sort of thing, but that seems the safest way.

    Please don't take this as me condoning this. It is probably much safer to just come here and get some good stuff.
  6. I was thinking about a couple grams of hash inside a hallowed out, and then re-melted candle. Im thinking if it gets caught, not much will come of it. But who knows I guess. It's like russian roulette.

    That.. That is the kind of answer I was looking for. Thanks dude. Gives me something to think about.

    Haha, yeah. Thing is getting a hold of most of the shit that's available over there is near impossible in my area
  7. r u really asking this??
    i perosonally would not even try but if you want to go ahead with it let us know how you make out
  8. i guess it depends on the amount but i heard of people putting grams in cd cases and stuff. u could just bring some empty xbox cases and put a couple grams in there?good luck what ever you choose to do :wave:
  9. Or you can just do none of these and save yourself lots of fines and jail time for life. :wave:

  10. Im not sure if a candle will hold in the smell, Good weed has a tendency to stink up a room unless its completely airtight and the smell of the candle might ruin the taste of your bud if its flavored (since it would be kind of like curing your weed inside of the candle) so you may want something airtight like a bag to prevent that.

    ...Thats a very cool idea though. I might just try it myself someday
  11. aware of the risks, guys. But it's option to ask about it.

    alesto, yeah i was planning on getting ziploc bag with the vacu-seal on em, and also hash dosen't stink up near as much as bud, so it'd be fine. Plus it's small.

    Thanks for the responses though guys, definately helps me put everything in perspective.

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