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  1. So I have done a lot of research about ordering seeds online, and while most people say they are legit and nobody ever gets into any legal issues regarding not getting their purchases etc, I am still uncertain about if I trust ordering seeds online. There are no weed shops or dispensaries in my state even though they have laxed the legalities on cannabis recently.

    My main question is, which states allow the sales of seeds to non residents of that state via weed shops/dispensaries? I think some states will let you buy bud, but not seeds if you don't live local to the state, but I have also heard the opposite too. I've done some research and find iffy things so I am asking anyone if they know from personal experience.

  2. I've bought a lot of seeds from US seed banks and never had a problem.
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  3. What is your favorite/most trusted US seed bank?
  4. These banks are all legit. It usually comes down to what the current freebies are
    when I decide on a seed bank. I've used Great Lakes Genetics and Seed Vault Of California
    the most.

    US banks
    D.C. Seed Exchange

    Great Lakes Genetics

    Green Point Seeds
    Greenpoint Seeds Bank

    James Bean Co
    JamesBeanCompany | Online source for CBD genetics

    Lumberjack Seed Source
    LumberJack SS
    LumberJack Seed Source (@lumberjackseedsource) • Instagram photos and videos

    Neptune Seed Bank

    Oregon Elite Seeds

    Oregon Green Seeds

    Reliable Seed Bank

    Seed Vault Of California
  5. It also varies on what breeder you're looking for. I've seen a few US banks run some damn good promos.

    I can vouch for D.C. Seed Exchange, Paul kept me in the loop and messaged me Friday when he got a restock of a certain strain that I missed out on twice before just because it sold out within minutes. I can also vouch for Lumberjack although they don't really run promos and they sell one breeder only.

    Seeds Here Now is another one to keep in mind. I will be trying them soon.
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  6. I have ordered from South Oregon Seeds and Seedshereandnow in the US and True North in Canada never an issue.
  7. Click seeds. com Oregon......decent shipping/good e mail communications/etc.

    No customs. CC's accepted. They are good folks

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