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Question about alcohol in resin

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by chopnscrew, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. in june-july i tried rinsing and cleaning my bowl using alcohol and hot water. there were small bits of resin that stayed near the rush hole and top, and after the bowl dried out it still smelled slightly of alcohol. I suspect the alcohol got saturated into the resin because the 3-4 times i used it post-cleaning i have had headaches and a weird head pressure so i stopped.

    1. is that even a possibility?(alcohol storing in resin)
    2. would it be safe to use now?
  2. put it some where warm and let it all evaporate
  3. If you have a fucking 3 inch deep coating of resin on your piece, maybe that's a possibility. But isopropyl alcohol evaporates pretty damn easily, so I would have to imagine that it's no longer in the resin, especially since you cleaned it in june/july.

    But more importantly: What the fuck are you doing wrong? You're supposed to CLEAN the piece to where there is no resin left in it, and cleaning your piece the right way should prevent/solve the problem you mentioned.

    If you want to avoid this in the future AND save money:

    1. Go to Walmart (or another similar monopolizing job-killing big-chain store). Go to the automotive section.

    2. Stop by the food section. Stare at wall of chips and dip for 23 seconds. Forget what you are doing, and then remember "automotive.... automotive..."

    3. Once you (miraculously) find yourself in the car aisle, grab a 2 litre jug of a product called "Simple Green." Should cost around $5

    4. Buy Simple Green, go home. Take your pipe, and put it in a small dish (or a ziplock bag) and submerge it in the simple green. Don't dilute it like it says on the instructions: Dilution is for pussies with no urge to get shit clean.

    5. Go to bed, you lazy ass stoner. This Simple green shit is best used overnight. Wake up in the morning and flip the fuck out because you are hella late. Then realize it's Saturday. Find wherever the fuck you put your bag/dish of simple green + pipe.

    6. Go to your sink, turn the water to the hottest you can hold your hand under, and proceed to rinse out your pipe. Guess what? All the resin with be gone. Every last bit. No shaking, no remaining smell.

    7. Grab yourself a coffee filter and pour the used simple green through it (to remove any chunks of resin) right back into the bottle of new stuff. The shit's reusable (ie. this is why you save a fuck-ton of money over buying Iso alcohol).
  4. The rush hole is very small and the mouth piece is too long, longer than a q tips length the resin iss un reachable. ill give simple green a run on my other piece. and if i didnt know better, i'd say you were my brother you have the exact same humor

  5. +rep.
  6. will simple green cleaning leave small enough bits of resin that you'll actually be able to wash away all the resin? Like inside the spoon itself, there won't be any chunks of resin just hanging out loose?

  7. simple green practically dissolves the resin into either TINY pieces or just makes them into particles/slime.
  8. Funniest thing i have read on here in a few days
  9. worked for my new-used bong :smoking:
  10. rinse the piece with warm water a few times after your done with the 91% alcohol and epsom salt
  11. ^^^^^^

    Yea then I usually dip it in clean ISO again let it sit for an hr, in air, then hit it with a lighter... This makes sure all the water is out....

    Oh and does Epsom salt work better/worse than kosher salt?
  12. I've been having trouble cleaning my glass for years. Then last night I tried salt and iso again this time putting it into a bag with lots of salt and a touch of warm water and shacking it. I could not believe my eyes when it was almost instantly clean! Even my bong that had stubborn resin stuck in it for years! Hot water, Iso , salt. Ill never use anything else
  13. Just simple green'd my piece. How do you guys clean big bongs? dilution, submerging one end/part at a time, or...?
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    Plug the downstem joint with something. Don't forget this step. Fill the bong with Simple Green (not diluted, remember: dilution is for pussies who don't want to get shit clean). Through the top (i.e. mouth) of the bong carefully place inside of the bong the downstem and bowl, so they can clean while the inside of the bong cleans.

    If you're not getting the idea, the goal is to fill your bong up like a vase rather than placing the entire bong in a bucket of Simple Green. You don't need to let the outside of the bong soak because there should be no resin on the outside. When you go to rinse out the bong some Simple Green will inevitibly get on the outside of it, and you can use this little bit of soapiness to clean the outside of the bong to remove any fingerprints/pizza grease or whatever.
  15. Oh...I see :) Brilliant work dude...I don't know why the hell I didn't think of just filling it.

    Thanks man.
  16. Lol it's called res or residue not resin.. n00bs
  17. You know, as technically inaccurate as it is its referred to as resin by most stoners. I have no idea how this came to be. :confused_2:
  18. Me neither but i do it out of habit i guess. Dam mainstream got me again.
  19. It's because when we were young and dumb all of our friends told us res was short for resin. I used to call it that too but we need to call it by it's real name, as to not give people who don't smoke a reason to call us dumb. Let's show people we're smart and not sound like idiots saying the gooey stuff that comes out of many plants is the same as the leftover tar in our pieces.

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