Question about aged trim and such. (Old Head question)

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  1. A friend of my parents, who was basically dismissed by the rest of the group as "nuts", never bathed, repeated himself alot, ended everything with "knowwhutimsayin". Was sort of hard to be around, but he was also a genius, very smart, and basically a good guy.

    But he would tell stories about marijuana, and one day he looked at me square in the eye and said "Listen, you take those fan leaves, male or female it don't matter, throw them in a black trash bag and let em age in the closet, take those out in a year or so and it'll get you high as fuck". I never tried it, I toss any trim that doesn't have obvious sticky THC on it.

    Has anyone else ever heard this? Or tried this? This guy was dead set on it, he would bring it up all the time, maybe he was just getting high off mold? lol Idk he was pretty smart, but sort of insane too. What do you guys think??
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    Nah, it don't matter what color the trash bag is, it's in the closet. Time isn't a friend of THC and of course letting them mold is silly. I do remember this idea that was going around in the early 1970s that if you put some moist bud under your bed for a couple of weeks it doubles the potency but it didn't work for me. That's probably where he got the idea, knowwhatimsaying?

    Now that I've thought about it for a while I think that idea came from a book. Reliable information wasn't as easy to come by back then as today.
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  4. lol excellent, yea I figured it was only half truth, but man I wish it was true. I wish these old fan leaves would get me stoned as hell right now.
    • fan leaves are generally thrown out.
    • THC degrades to CBN over time (and oxygenation).
    • I store my larf and sugar leaves from trim after it has been thoroughly dried. It doesn't get better over time and usually ends up being extracted.
    • I have read about cannabis being inoculated with 'orange rind mold' and stored for weeks before being consumed but this comes from African rituals... kinda like Voodoo.
  5. Wow I have never heard that about african rituals, that is very interesting.
  6. I tried to remember where i read that, and I think this came from 'the anarchist cookbook' which is really kinda iffy. I read this in the 80s when I was a teen. I just looked it up, and read this:
    Take a quantity of grass and dampen it, place in a baggy or another socially acceptable container, and store it in a dark, dampish place for a
    couple of weeks (burying it also seems to w ork). The grass will develop a mold which tastes a bit harsh, a and burns a tiny bit funny, but
    does increase the potency.

    It appears that someone released a new edition of this dubious book. I think these claims are a health hazard and are bs. I also think the author should get arrested for teaching people how to make bombs.
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  7. Furthermore, if cannabis gets infected with aspergillus, than you will probably be smoking aflatoxin a or b, which causes lung cancer.
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  8. I think the guy i'm talking about is completely a product of 'The Anarchist Cookbook' which could explain why he repeated himself so much. Probably DID get high off those old fans leaves, probably gave him a weird sensation from mold poisoning or something, and maybe he made a bunch of bad acid, but in certain aspects, he was very very smart.
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  9. haha, haven't heard of that book in yearrrrrrrrrs. classic
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  10. "It was written by William Powell at the apex of the counterculture era to protest against United States involvement in the Vietnam War.[2] Powell converted to Anglicanism in 1976, and later attempted to have the book removed from circulation, but the copyright belonged to the publisher who continued circulation until the company was acquired in 1991. Its legality has been questioned in several jurisdictions."
    Lol very interesting stuff. Glad you brought that book up
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  11. I remember that old myth. Cactus Ed nailed it. It was one of those iffy, 'hip' things to do in high school in 1974. That and burying weed to make it moldy. I think the anarchist's cookbook also had advice about common psychoactive flower seeds and that old gem about fresh nutmeg. They all worked in the same way that lighting gasoline on fire will keep you warm. Each one was a sort of, "Yes, but..." "Yes, but you have to eat 2000 seeds" "Yes, but it's actually poison," etc. lol

    Sometimes I'm amazed I made it through the 70's intact, and so am I! :D:D
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  12. When I was 15, I listened to a lot of Led Zep, and decided that I was going Californian. I was apprehended at the Sweet Grass border between Alberta and Montana by the state patrol. They didn't see me eat all that hashish (I was stoned for three days), but they did take my copy of the anarchist cookbook; they said it was contraband. Why are kids so dumb lol.
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