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question about actual smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by littlec7821, May 30, 2009.

  1. when i smoke from like pipes or bubblers i always see other people let out a huge thick cloud of smoke but theres like barely any when i hit it, or it'll be really thin or whatever. but last night i was smoking from an apple and massive amounts of smoke were coming out of my mouth after hits. i think im doing something wrong with the carb or something? idk its annoying cause im like facinated by smoke but i never see my own.
  2. What might happen is your inhaling more oxygen than your friends, thus diluting the smoke.

    Your smoking fine, its happened to me before. That's actually how you do a ghosty (inhaling so much oxygen, that the smoke gets absorbed in your lungs and there is virtually no smoke visible when you exhale)

    If you really want that thick smoke, try inhaling a little less oxygen than you are. Oh! And try not to swallow. I use to swallow a lot when I started (you'll be burping up smoke :()
  3. Well, when youre smoking out of an apple the core tends to burn sometimes, you hear a sizzling cracky sound almost like smoking resin, but louder. Also you should smoke blunts if you want to see lots of smoke come out of your mouth....or try a nice big bong.
  4. Less visible smoke just means you inhaled more, this can be a good thing , but you don't want to keep the smoke in your lungs to long
  5. One friend of mine takes a good hit, then puts some smoke in his mouth too, so the hit looks massive but he's just wasting weed.

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