question about a safe

Discussion in 'General' started by motza22, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. If the police search your house with a warrant, can they force you to open/unlock a safe for them?

    Also, what if they find a key to it or something, would they legally be allowed to use it to open the safe?
  2. Depends what they are looking for with the search warrant. If its small enough to fit in the safe you could kiss it goodbye key or no key. I'm sure they would be much happier finding the key but i think if what is being looked for may be in the safe they will take it and get it opened one way or another.
  3. they can't force you open it for them, they can take it and get it open by their own means.
  4. If they have a warrant for your home they can search anywhere in it and destroy anything they need to. They can't force you to give them a key to any lock. But if you don't they are going to get it open either way.

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