Question About A Drug Test?

Discussion in 'General' started by Altimas13, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone! So I had to take a Pre-Employment drug test on Monday they said i would know in about two to three days the results today is Friday and I haven't heard anything. Now here is where my question gets tricky. I used QF 5.7 and used the heat pad when giving them the sample the heat was too hot and the cup couldn't read the temp so they checked no for for temp being in range and they still sent off my sample and im wondering should i expect a retest maybe invalid or even a failed result at this point or should i be in the clear i've never had a drug test take this long for the result and this was my first time using QF. I've been stressing all week on this and didn't expect the heat too be too high using the heat pad any info would be great

  2. probably a retest, but if it happens again they will fail you
  3. You think they'll ask for observed test? I don't know if i could do that with another thing of QF. I was going to say maybe i had a fever if they ask.
  4. Also should mention they monday was my second day of work so im already working

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