Question about a/c intake, air flow for lights, and odor filter

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    We're in the planning stage right now for my first grow. Where we will be growing has perfect access to my air conditioning ducts which due to the shape of the room and position of the duct work, there will be an L shaped part of the duct inside the room. This I think will work out perfectly for the a/c for the room but here's the question;

    I'm going to be running dual inline SuperSun 2 1000 Watt lights with switchable ballasts. Now would I run the a/c intake through the lights then use the end of that duct to cool the room or would the air be too warm by the time it exited the lights?

    If so, that would mean I would have to use the a/c intake just for cooling the room then run a separate air intake to cool the lights? Should I use another duct from the a/c or would an intake fan from outside the room suffice?

    If I do it that way, do I just let that air exit out the room or should I use it for potential further cooling if needed? I guess I could initially have it exit the room then keep the ability to disconnect it to cool the room if heat becomes an issue.

    Then comes the odor filtering. I want to use an 8' odorsok or equivalent so for this, so I would need to run a separate duct in the corner that would create the negative pressure by using either a squirrel cage or inline fan (not sure which one yet so opinions welcome on this. I also haven't figured the CFM rate yet so I don't have that info) correct?

    Actually I just thought of something else. If I use a separate air intake for the lights and have it exit the room, will any odor be able to penetrate that duct? If so, I guess I would need to have the duct connect via some sort of L joint that would connect to the duct work where the filter resides (before the filter of course)?

    So by doing this with the proper CFM calculation, I should be able to have access to all the a/c ducts for optimal temperature control, proper cooling of the lights to extend life and proper odor control and air replenishment?

    Any and all help is appreciated

  2. hmmm does my post not make any sense? 14 views and nothing so I'm afraid I either didn't explain it well or for some reason they don't merit a response.

    If they're stupid questions, at least tell me lol

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