Question about 5/325 oxycodone

Discussion in 'General' started by Venomous Puffer, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. what exactly does the 5/325 stand for anyways? does that mean its 5mg? and if so what is the 325? just a lil confused. thanks
  2. Ah, I see those all the time around here.

    5 means thes oxy mgs, right? I believe the 325 is acetaminophen mgs. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

    Edit - I could be dead wrong. I just remember those ones having acetaminophen in them.
  3. ^ he's right.
  4. aight thanks you guys. so how many of those pills do u think it would take for me to OD (rough estimate)? im 5'5 140lbs

    edit: Im trying not to OD btw lol, I kinda phrased that strangly. just tryin to figure out how many i could pop before i woukd be in any danger
  5. I wouldn't really go over the normal dose with all the acetaminophen in there. Really toxic in high doses.

  6. Take 2-4 tops and you'll be good. 2 if you don't regularly take them and 3-4 if you do. 4 of those wouldn't even be 3 tylenol so your liver is safe.
  7. thank you guys so much, + repped both of you for your help, really appreciate it

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