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  1. I messed up and did two different strains in one big storage bin and have then outside, they both are looking good but what happens if one dies or if one finishes beforw the other, if i cut one will the other die?
  2. Nah I'm watching a grow right now I'll link actually as he grows multiple plants in containers... but he just did a bunch in a tote with bagseeds and he just cut the males as they appeared.... shouldn't cause a problem.

    Multiple plants in one container grow

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  3. Each of your plants are independent from one another, the worst possible thing that could happen is if one turns out to be a male.

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  4. Even if both turn out to be ladies (fingers crossed for you<3), they will undoubtedly have different nutritional needs. What happens if one has a deficiency of "X" and the other has a toxicity of the same "X". What do you do?

    My best suggestion (IF THESE ARE NOT AUTOS) without seeing them is to dump them out, try to separate the root balls (Trust me, those bad boys can take some punishment, I've straight up had to tear the bottom half off of a root ball from a rout bound plant) while keeping as much of the root systems as intact as you can and then replant is separate containers. Good luck. :)
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  5. yeah you generally don't want to grow two plants in 1 bin for several reason, including the ones listed above, but also, even if you cut one down, the root ball, ect is still in the soil, and that would be robbing your "good' one of potential space for roots so it could grow bigger and stronger. But, if you are using bagseed it probably won't matter as most bagseed have hermie traits anyways.
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  6. Every seed I have ever grown has been a bag seed and they seem to all be feminized

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  7. Both are looking to be females luckily, they are not autos, on is purple urkle the other i have no clue what it is, heres a few pics and thank you all for your replys

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  8. Im separating them today should i just get 5 gallon buckets ? How do i untangle roots
  9. 5 gallon buckets would work, just remember to drill drainage holes in the bottom.

    Untangling the roots is going to be a fairly difficult process, but if they have healthy balls on each, I would very gently, ever so gently lol, tear them down the middle. Another option would be to use running water over the root balls and literally try to manually untangle them as you gently wash the dirt away, but this way is SO much more stressful for the plant.
  10. Can i use scissors to cut them down the middle and how long will they be stressed for? And as long as im careful it shouldnt die?
  11. OP I would have to recommend against it.... those plants look beautiful and if you go trying to fuck with those twisted up roots you could very well fuck them up

    Are the days not getting shorter where you live? Flowering should be happening soon anyhow shouldn't it? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    People can tell you how the plants need different doses and this and that but use your own damn judgement OP you are growing some nice healthy plants have some faith in yourself.... roots stop growing 3-4 weeks into flower anyhow.

    I would however recommend lollipopping.
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  12. It shouldnt die no, you may have to force the first one. Slightly trimming small roots. It can stunt by up to a week but the other plant shouldnt be as stressed.

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  13. I had a sort of divider in the middle of them and was real easy just to life up and put in a new pot i got big one for them hopefully theyll recover quick, thanks guys i just did want them to get into flowering and have problems becuase they were next to eachother and im in michigan
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  14. That will help a lot with the divider, you should be okay

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  15. Lol if you had a divider in the container then the roots were separated already o_O... I was just picturing the plants roots being all balled together in a mess haha glad it was easy to do.
  16. Update looking really good as far as I can tell
  17. Pics

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