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  1. Never done a 12/12 grow from seedling before just wondering if I am suppose to use bloom nutes the whole life cycle or use veg nutes for a bit then bloom? Also what brand? I was thinking of foxfarm bloom nutes
  2. What is a 12/12 grow? Are you referring to the lighting schedule for bloom?
  3. Yes 12 hours of light 12 hours of night from seedling
  4. Why would you start in 12/12? Even with an auto you would want more daylight during the vegetative stage. I'd say read up a bit more to get your bearings straight. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

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  5. if it's a photoperiod plant you want between 16 and 24 hours of light until it's ready to flower only then do you switch to 12/12 or your going to have a little bud on a stick. if it's an auto you want 16 hour of light plus for it's whole life.
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  6. Also don't gauge your nutes by the light gauge them by the age and progression of the plant. Check out this video it will help you i think.
    Ultimate grow DVD1
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  7. Starting 12/13 from seed Inst bad guys.

    Perhaps he's doing a sea of green (sog) or is limited on space.

    Starting from seed from 12/12 the plant will still veg for about a month so feed it veg nutes for the first 4-6 weeks and once you see it stop stretching and start flowering just switch over to bloom nutes
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  8. didn't consider the space thing.
  9. 12/12 is fine and even then some plants have a good stretch and get pretty good size that I seen. I also do wonder about this question though. Just like there are freedom 35 seeds. You do 12/12 from seed and in 35 days they are done. So let's say you really grow these out and farm them for seeds. Now you can do epic Sog that's done every 35 or so days. Rather then waiting the 4-6 week veg, then 2+ months flower.

    I haven't looked too hard but good question.
  10. 35 days start to finish?

    I bet it's not that good of a smoke
  11. I heard decent things on it. But then again you are not going for so much of personal smoke as you are for the amount. That whole quantity over quality type deal. But think if you harvested 50 stalks every 30-40 days. You be set for smoke for a while.

    As for how good, not sure. But it's good to have options :) One day I will try it though, just be after I get better with making fem seeds. Other wise it's a big cost factor.
  12. This is exactly what I was lookin for and yes I am very limited on space my plant is about 6 weeks old now.
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  13. Sure no. Just keep in ,ind if you keep buying seeds that's a good costs. If you go that route make a mother or make seeds.

    Good luck.
  14. my plant started from bag seed. Iv nerve bought seeds before
  15. If no one has seen it here is a pic of my beauty. I have a thread on the indoor growers forum if you like to see more. 20160419_033253.jpg
  16. You should do a grow log(not sure if that's what you mean.) but link in your signature as well so others can see it more easier. Look through your settings.

    Best of luck.
  17. You should use veg nutes for a couple weeks since the plant wont start flowering until around then anyways
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  18. Why torture the plant why not just give it 20 0n 4 off until it gets to the size you want then flower it 12/12 seems like a waste of the plants time. Low rider auto seeds will be done in 45 days and they are small.
  19. I would start using flower nutrients once the plant starts flowering. Even when you 12/12 from seed, the plant takes 3 or 4 weeks of healthy growth before it becomes sexually mature
  20. I have this jobes drip feeder it says the npk is .007-.015-.010 havent used it. A friend gave it to me. Is it any good or worth a shot?

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