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  1. I'm considering moving to start a grow op. Anyone who crops 4+ pounds at a time I would really love talking to you. I've only done a very short closet grow and had issues with neighbors and had to end it. I'm wondering what kind of start off cost I'd be looking at to do this as well as an average electric estimate. I know I can research this all but a ballpark figure would be cool. I'm wondering if 4 400 watt HPS from HTG is enough for something like this.
  2. There is like 453 grams in a pound.

    4x450=1800 grams.

    4x400=1600 Watts

    They say it takes a perfect grow to get 1 gram per watt, most people are lucky to get half of that, you will probably get 1/4 or 1/3 if you're lucky on your first few grows.

    1/2*1600= 800
    1/4*1600= 400

    Lets say you do really well and get 1/3g per W.

    So that's 600 grams, you'll need three times that at least man.

    Its not my business and I dont care but word to the wise, if you're thinking about buying a different house and investing a bunch of money into a grow, with the intent on making the investment back, well, that's just not a good plan at all.

    good luck. Hope those numbers help you a bit.
  3. 4 400 watts will not get you a pound per light/crop.
    At a minimum 4 600 watts would you even be in a ball park range, but would require a good high yielding strain, good gardening, a lot of luck, a T5 array, and a 2 600 watt MHs.

    It would take you 2 crops to balance out heat issues, pH issues, feeding/watering schedule. It would take you 2 to 4 crops to find the right mother to clone from. All of these assuming there won't be major issues which there will be.

    I would set my goals a little lower and work up.

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