questiions on floro and flowering?

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  1. hey every one i have a few questions if u could help it would be awsome

    i was givein two floresent light fixtures witch both have 2 light tubes per fixture if that makes sence i have t12 lights in the fixtures,i also have a 40 watt grow light for a aquarium and a t8 whitch is also 40 watts so i believe thats a total of 240watts.

    all these light are in a 6x4x2 white box. i have 3 ladies in my current green house.(blue dot,blue dream and p-91)the blue dot has been flowering for about ruffly 3 weeks.

    my question is will this box be able to flower or atleast do my 12 on and 12 off with out causeing any harm to my ladies??

    thanks for all the help
  2. Might get a little crowded, make sure you have lots of air moving, probably do some bonzaiing watch out for powdery mildew.
  3. i dont think itll hurt them, although if it gets too crowded the lights wont be able to penetrate because theyre not HID. that is unless you did LST. if you havent already (i know its crowded) put some of the flourescents on the sides of the box so you get more light coverage to the lower buds. i had to extend my grow box a few days ago. it was 2'x3' i had to make it 3'x5'. just check up on them and make sure nothing strange is happening just like dude above me said.

    this picture has supplimental lighting so that all parts of the plant are lit, which if you havent considered you probably should. except that i use HPS for everything. but youre ok. also check so that they dont look more like a bush or shrub like these...

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  4. ya eventually we will need to expand fisrt leagal grow so going to be fun! dont really have the money for the fancy light right now so have to work with what i have..:rolleyes:

    i have both 80watters in each corner set up in each corner faceing the center, with two 40 watters inbetween the two faceing straight ahead.

    thanks for both ur guys help!!! only have a cell phone to do all this so kinda laggy.cheers

    ill try to figure out how todo the pic postin so hopefully this works.just a few random shot of the ladies..

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  5. thats good. looks like youre doing everything just fine. best wises on that tasty bud! your plants look nice n healthy too. by the pics it doesnt look like youre doing anything wrong. be sure to let us know how everything is when you finish!
  6. right on thanks,

    i will post more pics as it comes along. might as well just keep this tread going. never done this befor so new to all this but seems very adictive. here are a few more pictures..

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  7. oh wow. that really does look like a nice plant. yeah, might as well just keep it going. its always nice to see a successful flourescent grower, because theyre few and far inbetween. i dont see any problems, and this is your first grow? yeah this stuff is VERY addicting. lol sometimes i forget that theres actually a point to all of this. this is the main reason im getting a minor in botany and a major in chemistry.
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    haha"first legal"grow

    never had done indoors just seen many setups and im just the avrage joe cant aford all the nice stuff right now. not only that but i have always grown outside so the diffrence is kinda major if u ask me. my buddy has a 400 watt HPS but like u said i wana try this methoud just for shit and giggles. hopeing to get some good nuggs. i have to post a few more pics cant forget..

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    haha nice. i wish theyd allow medical bud in my state. im more than legit to get it because of all of my brain trauma from all the years of mma.

    yeah dude outdoors is so different. i used to grow outdoors too. back then things were so much simplier here too. now they have heli's with IR to detect plants. it didnt help when my state was classified as the state with the most indoor grow busts in 2007-08. now growers have to keep >10 plants and insulate the entire grow room so theres no heat leaks they can pick up on.

    youll get a decent amount off those plants. i mean youre not like most first time indoor growers. youve at least got knowledge of how to treat your plants, and youre making sure you do everything to get those girls enough light. andd you have more than just one or two lights ya know. im not gunna estimate how much bud you get, but youll be happy ill tell ya that.

    you can grow plenty of bud with flourescent. but if i may suggest an idea for your next grow, that might be able you to get a bit more in yeild. if you havent researched the LST (low stress training) method. its a pretty simple method that you start early. basically what it does is it keeps the main stem and fan leaves on the top of the soil, and all the internodes and buds grow up. it maxs out your light going to the bud sites. i know, lol, it sounds really strange but looking at a picture itll be like an ah ha moment. its just a thought for next time. i used it with i was using flourescent and cfl's and it gave me an extra 6-7 gramps per plant.

    oh anddd... at lowes&home depot (if theres one near you) they have sales of metal halide and HPS "security" lighta when the manufacturer changes color and style of the lighting. they have 70-150 watts. like a month or two ago all the ones near me had a sale, and the lights didnt sell even at $20, so they put them on clearance for $8 per 70 watt hps. so i bought all 13 they had left. if you come across any on sale like that...grab them. you have to know how to wire them to a cheap extension cord (i say cheap because you have to cut it). and even if you dont know how to wire it, id be happy to tell you as many people on here. its pretty easy as long as you know a little about it.

    even if you cant find them and stick with flourescent, youll tweak the ways you do things every grow which will produce you bigger yeilds. the buds you get will be just as tasty as anyone with HID lights P:

  10. yea its bitchen bein 215 cuts out all the middle man stuff.what state u from by the way?

    i will eventually get HPS im tryin to get my buddy to lend me his 400 watt assembly. i just need to get a bigger grow room so everything will be easy to manage. i will deffently will go to the local home depot and see what i can find thanks for the heads up.

    here are a few more pics..

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  11. just thought i would post some pics...

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    haha hell yeah, its better growin, but where i am if youre middle man you get as much "satisfaction" (you know what i mean but ima follow the rules) as a grower its just more work and more risky. i live in FL. the saying that you come on vacation, leave on probation, and come back on a violation aint no joke either. its really fucked up because since were also the state with the most prescribed roxi's and oxy's the 5-0 are trying to bust everyone for anything. shit, even im prescribed synthetic morphine.

    yeah see if you can borrow that 400 watter. the best part is that it makes your buds a lot denser, but it doesnt really change how good your buds are. personally when i buy bud, i like to buy bud grown under flourescents and cfls because it looks like you get more and it being more fluffy it pretty much just vaporizes when you smoke it so you get all THC. but from the grower aspect its better to have denser buds if you know what im sayin.

    just a thought, since you have the 2 tube flour. and the single tube flour in the corner, if put your healthiest and quickest growing plant in that corner. if you can at all, try to put your plants as close together as you can and bring the lights closer together so you concentrate your light. its just a thought. they look good as they are, im just throwin you a couple ideas out there. and i mean if sometime you have $20 extra you can spare, go grab one of those 2 tube T12 ballasts from lowes (theyre $10) and 2 GE residential flour. tubes. theyre only another $10 and each tube puts out 3150 lumens. thats what i use for my clones. and i put it like 1cm from the tops of them and i drape mylar over it so its like a little grow room kinda. if you can, take some clones from your plants. that way you ahve a jumpstart on your next grow, they grow much faster, and you know theyre female. again im just throwin some ideas out there. but if you do that i suggest getting a good cloning gel/powder/liquid. you can buy a very small amount (you need very little for each clone). i bought a good amount of gardentech rootone powder for $9.

    i cant wait to see the buds you pull off those. lol, if i have to ill bump this thread so i can keep you up there.

  13. right on man that would be sik. can you get a medical maijuana card in that state?

    ya im going to have to conn my buddy to lending it to me. he lives an hour amd half away from me so kinda a mission but should be well worth it.

    im still kinda wanting to stick to the floro just for expreince,fun and cheapness with out all the fancy fans and what not. ill be going to home depot tomarro so hopefully come home with something. i think im going to take you advise in consitration and bunch up the light and tryin somethin new.

    i will deffently keep posting here as long as people show intrest.ill post as i go!
  14. oh man i REALLY wish we could get medical MJ cards here. i dont see it happening any time soon though. i visit marina del ray twice a year because my parents own rental property out there. since the deed to the houses are in their names, and my name is the same as my dad's im trying to learn more about getting the med mj card. im going to try to go out there long enough to get one so that at least when i do come twice a year for two weeks i can get legal buds.

    if youre going to concentrate the light and everything, a really good option is going to a dollar store or something and getting those metallic sun visors or cheap fire blankets because theyre very reflective. that way you can make somewhat of a grow box outta them. im not completely sure about home depot's prices but the flourescent ballasts im talking about are "utilitech 48'' T12 ballasts". i know i mentioned the GE residential light tubes, but i just checked on my clones, and its not such a good idea. i found out theyre 4100K and they didnt help my plants. im going to get the "plant light" version tomorrow.
    hmm. if i can figure something out about shipping (how much it is) i may be able to ship you a 70 watt hps security light ballast that i converted to a 4 foot remote ballast. its only a 70 watt but its a hps at that and it puts out 6700 lumens. theres not much im going to do with it because its not in the box, so i cant sell it and i have no need for it. ill check up on shipping to cali sometime this week. ill definately be checking up on your thread so ill let you know. if its not some crazy amount because of the weight ill send it to you. i think those flat rate boxes from usps are like $5. no biggie. i just gota make sure they dont charge me for the weight. its in a waterproof housing with a shatterproof face plate. all you gotta do is get a $5 extension cord and twist the matching color wires together. youll get more use out of it than it itting in my house for years. its got a polarlites 2100K 6700 lumen bulb barely used that i got for free (im not gunna say where it came from but it didnt cost me anything) lol.

    ill keep in touch for sure.
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    i live in san diego so its pretty easy going as far a getting a mmj card i simply went to a doctor payed $99
    i was out in ten minutes. im sure in del ray it will be no problem getting a card. we are going to be voteing this november to legalizing marijuana so we will no longer need a mmj car. sure would be nice to see more states aross the u.s. legalizing marijuana.

    i just picked up some free-bees from a friend of mine..250 watt HPS light made by sunleaf just the light no fixture so theres a 30 doller saver right there. wonder if theres any fixtures on ebay good way too save some cash. i was also gave some nutes but dont really know how to mess with that either so gotta do some research. the nutes are moonshine part 1,2 and 3 ill be looking in to these be for i use them just in case.. that would be sweet if u can send that light for cheap ill send something back in return im not holdin you up to it. its totaly up to you. thank for all the help and input really helps a indoor

    few more pics of the free-bee's...

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  16. haha yeah i reallly am waiting to see if that legalizing bill passes. if it does, i know its just a matter of time before all the states do it. the main reason is because were in so much debt, they need the money from buds.

    nice, ive personally never heard of the nutes, but im sure theyre pretty good. yeah you definately wanna research that.

    and on the way to class today i stopped by the ups store and they said that since the dimensions of the entire enclosure is over 130cm id have to pay by weight. so i said if its not in the enclosure and i just ship the ballast, ignitor, socket, and bulb what it would cost. so i can ship it for right around $7. if you wanna send me a private message with where to send it ill send it out within 7 days, im not about any BS, so if i say ill do it, i will. i just say less than seven days because i wanna make sure i dont make a commitment i cant keep. but i know within a week im sure ill get it sent out.

    now since its a 70 watt it doesnt get real hot. the ballast will get warm, but not hot. the bulb is the thing you gota worry about getting too hot. since its an upgraded bulb it runs a bit hotter than the original. right now i have my plants within 3-5'' from them, so you can still get it pretty close. sadly, since its a security light, you may want to try to find a reflector for it.

    as for the 250 watt bulb, you may want to look online for a 250 watt ballast kit. it provides you with the ballast, ignitor, capacitor, and wires. the kicker is that it doesnt have a socket. buuut, you can go to home depot and for $13 you can get a "clamp lamp" that has a ceramic socket. and you cut the cord in half and connect it to the 250 watt ballast. the ballast kit is usually around $46. when and if you get ready to do that ill explain more in detail about how to wire it.

    anyway, hit me up with a private message and ill be sure to send it out, and ill get a tracking number when i send it that i can give to you so you can figure out where it is.

  17. yep im almost sure it will pass with all the money the goverments getting from MMJ. like u said we are in such debt that MMJ suposeably will get us out of debt in no time. aside from that it just makes the world go
    yea been looking up these nutes and they seem to be really good and expensive 60 bucks for all three bottles no way u will see me pay that much. im going to start adding them next watering im only going to start with half of what the instructions say just to be safe.
    sounds good enought to me im really thankful for all your help man.ill be sending u a message with info.
  18. DAY 20 of flowering just here to post a few :smoking::

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  19. You got a nice grow, I am starting my flowering today infact. I have 7 plants in a 4x3x8 closet off my family room. I have been using CFLs with my aero-hydro. grow method. It's been fun so far. Got some browning issues, but think I have taken care of it. It helps to calibrate my PH meter. Once again, nice grow :)

  20. niiice. thats gunna be some good ass smoke. i cut one of my cola buds today because it was more than half ready. now my other buds will start getting bigger. aaand the shit put me on my ass for my exams. lol.

    yeah half strength as first with new nutes is a good idea. yeah those sounded like good nutes, and with them being just a liuttle bit less expensive than fox farms i might order them and try them.

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