Quest for a Heat Source.

Discussion in 'General' started by aros, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Okay, so i go to light up..i pack my bowl....get an insence ready, got my music vibin....and i'm planning on just chillin for the next few hours right?
    wrong...haha, the lighter is out of fluid...and its my "backup" if imy backup lighter is, i ask my grandma if i can light a candle....and take the candle to use as a heat source for my
    but she doesnt have a lighter/matches either so i go on a journey thoruhg the neighborhood asking people for lighters...well, about 25 houses later, i get someone that actualyl says "okay, hold on let us get some (matches)" haha, andl ike 5 minutes later, they come back w/ a box of like 8inch matches that look like they're straight out of 1970., i got em back in my house and upstairs w/o any confrontations w/ my lookin forward to my "shower" tonight..and in the morning...teehee.

    anything like this happen to anyone else?if so, share your stories.
  2. hahah, nothin worse then that!

    i hate it, everythingd ready and perfect, then you go to light and *chckk* nothing.

    happens to me all the time! fortunately I have like 15 packs of matches in my bag, and i bring my bag almost everywhere, so i usually have a backup.
  3. Totally man, once the same exact situation happened to me and I tried to use a grill lighter to light my bong and I burnted part of my left eyebrow off, heh.

    It sucked. I eventually moved the weed from my bong to my bowl and hit it off a candle which I lit by lighting a peice of paper on fire with the stove, heh.
  4. Yeah it's happend a few times with me..though not very often...Bics are a pretty reliable lighter, few of them around the house and yer good for a while.. One time, I went to spark up a bowl and i got a tiny flame that went out right when it touched the bud. found 3 other empty lighters around my basement. Then my dad yells down at me (he's a cig. smoker) and asks me if i had a lighter...I'm thinkin shit...and thought i had to go to the store for one right then... Then I just thought about it, and took a peice of paper, and the the electric stove on high. burned the paper, lit a candle give it to my dad, lighter another candle, took bud outta bowl,added for but and rolled a joint n lit that sonofabitch!!
  5. haha, thats tight....i wish i could have like 400 lighters.
  6. shit im never low on lighters. me and my buddies back home had this game we played called HORK. it pretty much unless you called NO HORK on ur lighter if you gave it to someone else to use or left it laying around or forgot it. 9 times outta 10 that sonofabitch was mine. this game was always fun at parties. sometimes i would come home with 4-6 lighters and then sell them back to my friends the next day or would trade for something.

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