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  1. How badly is the smell if you grow inside? I have been wanting to grow a very small amount for my own use, however I am concerned that my neighbors may be able to detect the smell from outside of my condo. I don't need the cops kicking in my door because one of my dumb a** neighbors smells "weed"!

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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  2. Keep it well vented and to a low minimum and the neibors wh=ont have a clue what your up too, now if you go with 5k of lights and 50-100 plants in flowering your asking to get caught, but keeping one or two plants under a 250 watt hps for personal stash wont get ya caught, it will barely smell up your own house let alone the neibors smelling it, also a good tip is getting a strain that does not smell much, such as Early girl the strain barely smells through flowering !!

    Good luck on your grow!!

  3. Thanks for the info.....

    Is there any way for me to determine how strong the smell might be from the smell when I smoke?
  4. i got a q that goes with this. how many plants would u need to be able to toke an oz. evry 3 weeks until ur next batch is done? and are the less stinky buds lesser in quality?

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