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  1. Here's some querkle recently harvested. Has a nice grapish flavor.
  2. Nice bro looking dank repping TGA, u gonna do smoke report?
  3. *Querkle Smoke Report*

    This stuff reeks of grape candy almost like purple chewy spree candy. The taste is pretty much the same. It tastes of sweet grape candy on inhale and exhale. The smoke is smooth and not much coughing. Even though it's a hybrid, it smokes like an indica. Great for late night relaxation. It hits you behind the eyes pretty much immediately like most indicas I've smoked but this one comes on to a nice full body stone later and lasts relatively long for someone with my tolerance. This bud is a connoisseur's delight as far as smell, taste, and bag appeal. Nobody will diss your Querkle!
  4. Shit is covered. Looks amazing, love the color.

    Amazing finished product man, nice grow & nice review. Props.
  5. ...LOVE IT! ...I've got myself some Querkle in flower!!! ...she hasn't turned purple yet though! ...I wonder how long they flowered that one? ...hmmmm.
  6. I flowered 65 days. There are 2 phenos of querkle as I have read. One that is short and has more traits of the purple urkle, thus purple color that comes on late in flower and another pheno that gets a little taller and shows more space queen traits. Mine was definitely the 1st pheno. My 2nd bean was a male:confused:
  7. ....ahhhhh! You know, I actually did read that once or twice myself about the two phenos....I ordered 3 seeds of it, one male and two girls...I've only flowered the one, hopefully I get both types from the ladies, I have them growing as mothers for my sog.

    ...anywho, I'm freshly baked off of some Pure Power and starting to ramble ;) looks killer bro!
  8. looks really nice man. Querkle is some of the tastiest weed I've smoked. I always describe it as grape bottle cap candy :)
  9. lookin good bro
  10. The color is beaauuutiful!

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