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Queer Potheads?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kaden erik, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. #1 kaden erik, Feb 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 1, 2011
    Hi I'm Kaden and I moved to Houston not too long ago. Would love to chat with other 420 Houston-ites.

    I'm a big fan of smoking blunts and hitting my roomie's bubbler. I live in an apartment of potheads, my two gay best friends (they're boyfriends) and my girlfriend and me (to clarify to other posters: we're lesbians). We're dry right now. :[ We call our little apartment Casa del Gay.

    Just wanted to know if there were any other Houston smokers out there and even better, any GAY/LESBIAN/QUEER ones?!

    How about an amen for the queer smokers?! :hello:
  2. This is probably the weirdest undercover cop I've ever seen.
  3. Definitely not an undercover cop. :\
  4. You're not the first undercover cop to say that.
  5. welcome to gc anyway...:smoke:
  6. i wouldn't have a problem if one of my friends was gay.

    unless i pictured them jerking off to me.

    like your room mates probly do. to you i mean.

    that's fucked up, jo. good luck with that.
  7. Alright then. Thanks for your "expert" opinion.
  8. I doubt they do, considering I have a vagina.
  9. No problem.
  10. IDK it's a bit of a cover-all for the community.
  11. checkmate i believe...:smoke:
  12. Hi, bi toker here.

    Unfortunately gc is filled with ignorant homophobes, but there are a couple lgbtq groups you can join that can be found on my user profile. :)
  13. Why do you wanna meet gay potheads when your straight :eek:

    Nvm just read you are a girl

    This thread is fucked up :smoke:
  14. I dunno, not my style to find people based on sexuality, instead I prefer to find common interests.

    Nonetheless, everyone has their own style. Welcome to the city :smoke:
  15. used to smoke with one once in a while with other friends. Had to stop hanging out with him he was so gay it was annoying and he tried to act straight like nobody knew.(hed tell girls and it got around)
  16. a different opinion maybe?.....hell, the same reason republicans meet up with democrats:smoke:
  17. Thanks for the info and nice to meet you.:]

  18. Quoting since it got lost in the sea if ignorance
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