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Queensland Highgrade ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by seedjay, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. i hardly see any super dank buds from qld ? it might be me but it seems like we just dont have as much of a cannabis culture around here cause no ones sharing wicked picks ups with us lol.. im sure there is some out there cause ive smoked it before.
    someone should throw up some local product ? :D
  2. hey hey found it! saw this thread yesterday on my ipad but i was too :smoke: to be bothered typing back....but now im stoned again and on the pc and i was just asking my gf about how come ive never seen anything as sticky as the pics i see here and would LOVE to know where to get a hold of it, it looks fuckin nice as, im in brissy area btw
  3. tell me about it man im from the southside and really good bud is far and few between.. id also like to know where somes at maybe a decent brissy grower will chime in and let us know lol.
    right now im growing some shaman by dutch passion. kind of an old strain
    ill post some pics tomorrow.. dont get too excited though my yields gonna be fairly shit.. made just about every noob mistake possible haha
  4. That sucks you don't have better hookups. Maybe you should grow yourself? Make some dank if you can't buy it. :)

    I have a friend from over there that said she couldn't get stoned off the local bud. She thought she was immune to marijuana or something, lol. She came here and smoked some of my buds and could barely walk!

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