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Quebec Seed Bank

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by rygo796, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Does anybody know if this place is still open, their websites been down for a while and I dont wanna make the trip if it's closed.
  2. Hello ! i am fullpadge the co-owner of Quebec Seed bank !
    Sorry i am french but is to tell you the hemp Quebec Store is always open ! on monk Street
    the new link for Quebec seed bank is www.quebecseedbank.ca
    (available on 1 week)

    no more .com ........ Ticket for the Toronto Cannabis Cup available now ! www.ironseedsales.com

    for services just call free at :1-888-440-0781

    Thanks !
    Dont trust the no name !
    Hemp Québec
    Quebec Seed Bank
  3. I was told by a buddy of mine, that sells beans in Montreal, that there is no more QSB, so I take that with a grain of salt...
  4. Is the same store ! and the same quality !
  5. Do you have a storefront coming too then? I would rather just drive over and pick up my beans.
  6. I am a little confused, can I just drive up to Montreal, and that address is a store? Much better imo, than sending money through the mail.
  7. Montreal Quebecseedbank
    Niagara fall

    You welcome !

  8. There's a seed bank at Niagara Falls? If thats true, then its only a couple hundred miles from me...White Widow here I come.....
  9. But there still isnt a store in Montreal, where I can walk in and buy my beans? I already have more packs than I can grow in the next 5 years, but I would take a ride over to Montreal, if there was a bank open.
  10. Who knows of a seed bank with a store front in montreal? I know toronto has a few of them... Montreal must. Is QSB closed? I need autoflowering strains because it is late in the season and I want more to play with.:smoke:
  11. just to let you know quebec seed bank is still open they moved on beaulieu street (were talking in ville emard mtl.)there fixing the site so keep in tuch :smoking:
  12. had a lovely time in Quebec City two years ago. the QSB was a wonderful place. they welcomed me wonderfully. there's plenty of great seed shops in canada that are excellent to visit. there's two cities in Canada where open bring your own cannabis cafes operate.
  13. No website huh?
  14. i live in montreal and i know of at least 6 walk-in and buy beans stores

    not that hard to find around here

  15. prices at the hightimes store are retardly high
  16. soooooo, can we get a list of them. Or at least the best two? Maybe a street name?

  17. hightimes is by mcgill

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