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Quater of Orange kush and 2.5 of white widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mcasprin, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. ok i ordered from my guy (a grower) quarter of white widow he said 3-4 days i went down there and he said "bro i sold all my white widow i forgot, but i got a quater of orange kush". i bought the orange kush and he said " i know i fucked up over but ill give you that 2.5 of white widow FOR FREE!!!!". i was so happy :p a bit pissed i didn't get the quater of white widow as kush isnt my favoute strain, but still a win win :hello:.





    what you guys think????
  2. could use a better trim, but NICE!!!
  3. The orange kush looks like it's on fire, nice pick ups man! :bongin:
  4. Damn i wish i could get hookups like that, knowing a grower really has its perks
  5. Talk about a good supplier :smoke:

  6. ive had the same grower for 3 months this is some what bud he supplied me with

    OG KUSH:




    hope you like :D

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