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Quater of Orange kush and 2.5 of white widow rate or hate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. (yes i am reposting this)

    ok i ordered from my guy (a grower) quarter of white widow he said 3-4 days i went down there and he said "bro i sold all my white widow i forgot, but i got a quater of orange kush". i bought the orange kush and he said " i know i fucked up over but ill give you that 2.5 of white widow FOR FREE!!!!". i was so happy :p a bit pissed i didn't get the quater of white widow as kush isnt my favoute strain, but still a win win .

    the kush:

    white widow:


    rate or hate!
  2. looks solid to me, how much did it run ya?
  3. This is what stash jar is for, but very sexy buds anyways. Wish I could smoke that white widow so bad, never had it and only heard awesome things about it. Which do you prefer after smoking both?
  4. overall, some good buds. the kush looks a little premature with all them hairs, but who cares? the white widow looks solid and dense, i might have taken a couple more leaves off it but fuck it it'll still get ya loaded

  5. £50 in $ its about $75 and in euros its about 65.

  6. the white widow gave me a better overall high and was much stronger than the kush. the kush tho had a better taste and wasnt as harsh on my lungs. i would say the white widow was better overall but i only got 2.5 grams left
  7. looks like some good shit, id smoke it :bongin:


  8. Lol dude, i've just smoked a joint of white widow, and i was in london earlier, coincidence haha:D
  9. looks very nice...smoke it all
  10. Rate 9/10
    Thats being generous

  11. Or you could not try and sound so superior about it and just give a truthful rating instead of "being generous". I personally thought the buds looked delicious, I'm jealous. :hello:

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