quartz banger or ceramic nail

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  1. i'm gonna pick up either a domeless cermic or quartz banger. i already have a ti nail and i want to get something new. any thoughts? pros and cons
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    Go ceramic with a replaceable head if you have the patience to learn how hot to get it.
    Go quartz if you still want that slight color change to realize how hot it is.
    I'd go quartz, maybe try a cheap one before getting a banger and seeing how you like it? My LHS has little quartz 14mm cups i've been meaning to try out for only $15
    I'm a Ti kinda guy, but i've been meaning to switch over to quartz
  3. I've heard really good things about some ceramic nails and know people who use them exclusively, but I've also heard from people who have sworn them off because they hated using them so much; since ceramic is so new to the concentrate scene comparatively speaking to Ti and quartz, we're likely to see more people having problems and people will still be working out the learning curve in general. Personally I prefer quartz (you'd have to pry my honeyhole from my cold head hands) as far as using a torch is concerned, but my experience with ceramic has admittedly been pretty limited in comparison.
  4. my torch broke so ive been using a butane torch from home depot, the welding kind. my homie told me i'm gonna have to get a normal torch if i want to use ceramic because it'll crack easily.
    what is lhs? and i've never seen ceramic with a replacable head will you link me?
    also guys, i'm gonna get a marble if i go banger and a carb cap if i go ceramic. so temp isn't really an issue
  5. Local Head Shop, and i had never seen the replaceable ceramic heads either, i found them less then a week ago.
    Their on thecavesmokeshop.com, go right to hive nails and they're all there. I'm looking at the ceramic one for dome and nail, i think that's how i'll get into something other than ti. But they have all kinds of ceramic nails there.
  6. word, ill check it out. thanks a ton dude
  7. Go ebay screw Hive they are just overpriced ceramics no different than any other one out there! You can get like 4 nails for the price of one Hive and carb caps with them!!!!(lots of different deals on ebay for ceramics)
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    I actualy have that 15 dollar one you are mentioning...well had it lol. It works good. My only issue with that was that i felt like i needed to hurry up and take my dab before it cooled off. other then that, it got the job done.

    The one i had looked like a quartz tube with that cup on the side (Domeless)

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