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quarter pound of the best mids ive ever seen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by no comment, May 10, 2010.

  1. i just read and re-read this thread, and agree with your post

  2. Thats an oxymoron
  3. "as long as you're happy" on GC means "your weed looks like shit, I get way better for way cheaper and my girls have bigger tittes"

    Looks good OP and the price is right. Great for blunts and I love smoking blunts.
  4. that's an awesome deal for $325. And if you can see the trichomes on mids then they will definitely get you high.
  5. haha i wish i got prices like that around va, i get it from 500 :( and not nearly as good
  6. Damn nice mids and a damn good price.
  7. Danky goodstuff for 325.

    Me and my friend both have the Funkadellic shirt!

  8. haha badass! its a great shirt.
  9. baby dros the term i here alot
  10. u got a QP for 395? damnnnn. did i read that right? :confused:
  11. Definitely some quality mids. :smoking:
  12. Awesome pickup there... :D
  13. those are some nice mids but I would not call those Beasters by any means.

    Enjoy the smoke

  14. Very reminiscent of the mids that roll around in my part of the country. Probably from the same source, I imagine. Same price range too, which is surprising considering you live in Jersey. I always hear about people paying out the ass for weed over there.
  15. those are good lookin mids most other ppl that post threads on mids or high mids are misleading i swear some peoples mids look like they were treated real well in the garbage compressor with 5 mexicans pissin on it to mask the smell b4 they soak it in the colarado river floatin on some trash bags or what ever the hell those assholes do to their weed......but your mids look like good mids i wish i had you peace
  16. nope, u read wrong, try again

  17. it usually is pretty bad in jersey, but im right next to philly, prices are way cheaper in cities. i just import that shit haha.
  18. I'm not trying to, just saying mids like that are common these days. What do yours smell like? Oh, thanks for the neg rep!!:hello::rolleyes:
  19. nice Funkadelic shirt
  20. I'm about to pick up a QP of similar mids here around Detroit, for abouttt 350. I'm hoping to just make a killing off this stuff so I can buy myself a pretty ounce or two of some headies ;D Stay highboys, and +rep on your beastie asss mids.

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