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quarter pound of the best mids ive ever seen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by no comment, May 10, 2010.

  1. #1 no comment, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    325 for a QP, i found maybe 2 seeds in the ounce i kept for myself,

    i guess the term is beasters? one step above mids, one step under headies haha.

    sorry for crappy pics, standard point and shoot plus shaky hands


    and some sad news, i broke my diffuser today. my only one. oh well, an excuse to by a showerhead!!

    oh yeah, a bonus for funk fans, my new shirt:

  2. Bro those are some dank ass mids...

    The local school children call it Baby Chronic or Baby Krip. I hate Florida's terms -.-
  3. Looks decent for the price. I'd make it all into qwiso or bho!! Smoking it probably wouldn't do much for me with my tolerance. As long as you're happy though:D

  4. this is such generic condescension that i think you're trolling me haha.
  5. that shit is straight .. i would be smokin blunts and hash all day on that price. good green nugs that arent compressed and seeded.
  6. sick pick up brah enjoy that shit :smoking:
  7. this shit is so kiefy ive just been shakin it up in a jar and scraping it and smoking it haha
  8. 325 for the qp? God you're gonna make a killing on that shit.
  9. I'm not trying to, just being honest. My tolerance is way too high. :(If it does the job for you, that's great!!:):smoking:
  10. nice pickup man, edibles, and smoke all day man! +rep

  11. these pictures are actually a little old, took forever to upload them. i actually got rid of this shit already. went quick as fuck. best mids in the area for sure. found out my guy doesnt have the same batch now though. very depressing. haha
  12. Nice great pick up man, enjoyy :smoking:
  13. Wow, that was crazy fast. I would be stoked to get a QP of that at that price, or even two oz. :smoking:
  14. No offense dude but I've smoked this same looking bud and it will get you high as fuck for mids... I have a real good tolerance and a blunt of this will have me good and stoned and i dont think anybody could honestly say they didnt feel shit from a blunt of it :wave:

  15. guys just wants people to know how uber pothead he is.
  16. Yea dudes trollin fer sher i have had some fire lookin mids like that before and its killa no joke
  17. nice ass mids for sure, especially for that price.
  18. Dang never seen mids like tht up here in jersey...espesh for tht price..i RARELY get mids usually chron..but thts cuz ill get a g here and by the time seeds n stems are out its like .5 .6 if im lucky..nice pickup
  19. I suppose you don't smoke a lot of oil. :wave: A blunt of mids gives me a buzzing headache. I'm no uber pothead I just smoke a bunch. Believe me, I know what mids are. Here's the local regs/mids.


  20. dude, cool, make a thread. youre trying too hard to show how uber pothead you are, seriously.

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