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Quarter Pound Of Jack Herer, Quad Of Bubba Hash, and a ounce of shake...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jakewhobakes, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. then why do we pay less for it?
  2. because most people buy ounces to sell. and people who buy want nugs, not allready broken up weed.
  3. well i'm jealous
  4. I pay $25 for an 8th of schwag and $40 gor an 8th of dank. how much do u think shcwag and dank would run me at these rates as shake?
  5. dont even bother with schwag. personally i can get an 8th of exotic shake for 25-30. it all depends on the dealer really. you want to find one that deals with large quantities and just be like "how much would you sell me the shake at the bag for?"
  6. I smoke schwag because i don't wanna burn though money...40 for an 8th of dank bud or 40 for a quad of dank shake? sound about right?
  7. id say more like 45-50 for a quad of shake. different dealers = different prices. some might charge full price.
  8. Alright. I think my guy does that but i can talk him down in prices im sure. Thanks man
  9. no problem man. good luck
  10. Im so hard look at those delicious buds
  11. #32 Jakewhobakes, Aug 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Fuck schwag I haven't seen it in years!
  12. Yah thanks. I care. I will smoke my schwag in peace thank you. I see why it matters to you what i choose to smoke. I smoke lots of dank i just buy schwag because If i had to pay for dank i would burn through it to fast and not have anymore medication
  13. I just don't consider it medicine because it just makes me feel like shit and pass out all the time lol.
  14. I'm on a dank t-break. once i run into money ill buy more dank :smoke:

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