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Quarter Oz Cynex

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a quarter ounce of cynex. This stuff is frosty as hell and just reeks. The smell is so pungent it actually hurt the nose of my friend (casual/party smoker). It's a very strong skunky/lemon/diesely smell, and the taste is just as great. Very smooth smoke.

    I wanna say it's a sativa dominant hybrid, but I could be completely wrong. Leaves a very nice body high to start, and the more you smoke the more cerebral the head high gets. This stuff blows away the Blue Dream I had recently, in regards to potency (I would still kill for some BD right now:( ).

    Took some pictures. Still working on some lighting to really capture this bright colored bud that looks like it was dipped in sugar :) Enjoy! Clicking the images will bring you to a page to view them in full resolution.

  2. Very nice. Looks like it could use a better trim job but I bet it still smokes like candy.
  3. Looks really nice! :)

  4. Agreed, a little bit leafy, but they all get ground and ripped through the bong. And the taste is just unreal. Skunk has always been a favorite smell/taste for weed. Rarely come upon any strains that are skunky though. Needless to say I am very happy.:smoke:
  5. I picked up a 1/4 yesterday of Cynex too. Just smoked it and it taste great. Ill upload my pics later

  6. Thanks :) I wish I had an ounce of your photography skills and a decent DSLR camera.

    Nice, would love to see a comparison on this strain. Not much info. out there on it.
  7. thats some good bud bro. trichs left and right. smoke up!
  8. [quote name='"TopShelf247"']thats some good bud bro. trichs left and right. smoke up![/quote]

    Thanks :) Very pretty looking strain
  9. I am going to be taking a few more pictures outside in the sunlight today. Gonna see if I can't get some better lighting to really make things pop :)
  10. Nice & frosty. Looks like some killer herb, nice pick-up.

  11. Thanks man. Stuff is intoxicating. I have a feeling it will burn fast.
  12. Cynex is bomb man, I used to be able to pick up half zips for $110. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  13. [quote name='"B0nd"']Cynex is bomb man, I used to be able to pick up half zips for $110. Enjoy it while it lasts![/quote]

    Wow, nice. This stuff was abit more expensive than that, but for the potency I am glad :) This stuff just smells up my room so fast, lol. Not used to such pungent buds.
  14. Got a half oz. of this the other week. I don't usually know the strain of the buds I smoke, but I had to ask my dealer this time because this stuff is amazing.

  15. Truly a good strain. Good enough to get you to make an account and make your first post in my thread to talk about it.

  16. Doctor recommended,
    blade approved.
    Great tree my dude.
  17. I just uploaded a pic of my cynex. "Alabama Pickups"
  18. Nice pickup. I really want some now. The stuff I have now just isn't cutting it :(
  19. [quote name='"IzZ Tip C"']Doctor recommended,
    blade approved.
    Great tree my dude.[/quote]
    Thanks man :) love this stuff. Burning through it too fast, i am on the last 2g nug (same one from pics) :(

    [quote name='"Dest1"']Nice pickup. I really want some now. The stuff I have now just isn't cutting it :([/quote]

    Yeah this stuff is so good and potent :) makes me feel very happy. Almost out though, so I need to get a strain that isn't so delicious and addicting :p
  20. Looks amazing love the colours, thanks for all the photos. Could probably use a bit more of a trim but for crystal's sake just smoke the lot of it.

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