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quarter ounce pu. - Purple Nebula - Popcorn Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jerzilla, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. purple nebula

    popcorn kush [​IMG]

    i was salading these two and bubba kush last night in the vape and my glass, it was magnificent...
  2. Nebula is some of the best dank I've ever had, bomb stuff you got there :p
  3. omg so dank :D +rep
  4. That Popcorn Kush is REDICULOUSLY crystally. props man good find.
  5. Damn. Just look at all those little crystal things falling off.
  6. haa yeah it looks like dandruff...

  7. Ooohhh yeesssss much propz
  8. I just got a eighth of Nebula last week, shit's fire. Your buds look great.
  9. Dear god. That is beautiful. +rep to you
  10. Chronic buds dude. That kush looks sort of like the kush I have now.
  11. repped everyone
  12. that is mouth watering right there. I looked at the popcorn kush for 10 minutes in a daze! the Purple Nebula is amazing looking as well O.O
  13. +rep

    nice kush
  14. thx y'all

    rep isn't registering for me for some reason... right now it's stuck at 410

    something isn't working properly...
  15. dudes I cant wait for the future, and we can smell scents thru computers. Smelling this bud would complete my life.
  16. Nebula is one of the best strains I have ever smoked!
    That shit made my eyes look like I was in a red paint eyeball fight...... It just made my eyes super dooper red lawl
  17. rep

    the purple nebula is amazing, quality smoke
  18. thanks to those pictures, im going to be looking for some Nebula.
    Looks like some straight fire :):hello:
  19. Swimming in a sea of trichs :cool: Nice kush man

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