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Quarter ounce (7 grams) Hamilton Ontario Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dopenologist, May 6, 2011.

  1. Quarter ounce (7 grams) Hamilton Ontario Pickup

    Price tag: $60 CDN.
    Weight: 7 grams.
    Stickyness level: 9/10
    Potency level: 8/10

    The photo is missing the half gram joint (not pictured) I rolled and smoked. The last time I smoked was 11 days ago, this one joint gave me a very nice and much needed 5 hours high. The weed is sticky and stinky, has plenty of red hair, small green leafs, and burns and smokes very smooth. Pictures below for your comments as I don't know what it's called.

    Now I did read the Editing Your Photos thread and it recommends 600 x 600 pictures, the ones I took were 4000 x 4000 pixels - but I decided to post 4 pics at 900 x 600 at 4 zoom levels for greater details.

    Please post your opinions.








  2. That's pretty fuckin dank
    nice pickup :smoke:
  3. looks good.. but who ever manicured it fucking sucks
  4. What do you mean manicured it?
  5. basically how well the bud is trimmed.. some people like to leave the leafs and some dont. i just prefer my bud to not have leaves on it
  6. The pics aren't showing.
  7. Wish I could see the pics..
  8. Rep'd. Thanks for the info.

  9. lol too bad your rep doesn't affect the rep bars lol but thanks though man.
  10. Is it greyed out? Not my intention. Only option it gives me is "I approve" and to write a comment.

    I get these greyed out buttons sometimes, not sure why it's not green. Any idea's?
  11. some one posted something on how the rep system works. it has something to do with how long youve been here and how much rep you have in order to affect others rep

    as for the grey i really have no clue sorry
  12. you need at least one light green bar to give green rep.
  13. ^ mystery solved, thanks :D
  14. "Sorry this page doesn't exist"

    That's all I see.
  15. Strange.

  16. shit, does that mean all my rep ive givin so far has meant nothing.. "my whole life has been a lie"
  17. ^ maybe you need 2 grey buttons to equal a green?
  18. Nice pick up man :smoke:

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