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Quarter or half ounce

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jdoran_16, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. I've been out of bud for about three weeks now and i cant get a hold of any of my dealers. So during this time ive been thinking of buying bigger bags. I usually buy 8th's but that doesnt last awhile now. So my question is should i buy a quarter or half ounce and how much are quarters and half ounces? My dealer sells 8th's for $50 of dank and $60 for named shit. Money isn't really a issue but half ounces are a bit pricey and i don't feel comfortable spending that much on weed but its still on the table. And another thing i feel like if i buy a quarter ill be jipped because for 50-70 more you could get double the amount of weed. Im ball parking the prices because i've done some research on prices. So my questions are should i buy a quarter or half ounce, and how much would the quarter and half ounce be

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  3. Well $100 for quarter and $200 for half ounce, but only based on the price you just stated. But really, prices vary extremely widely through states/countries, so we can't really answer that.
    It's really up to you, what size you want. If money's not an issue then obviously get more.
  4. With the price of your eighth being 50-60 bucks, I would say that quads will be around 90-100 and half os will be about 160-180. As for how much you should buy, that is really up to you. If you are comfortable with spending the money for a half o, and know that you won't be able to get in contact with your guy for a while after, go with that. If you are looking to spend less, and you know you won't smoke a half o before you can talk to your dealer, go for the quad. Happy tokin!
  5. You can't call your dealer and ask him how much his quarters and halves are?
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    Figure out how much the price break is and figure it out from there.
    If paying $50 for the 1/8th
    the 1/4 should technically be $90, if its $100, then theres no price break
    the 1/2 should be $160-180, if its $200, again not worth it
    I've seen dumbass dealers say $200 for the half, but $420 for the full oz, no idea how that even makes sense
    have to call and ask what his prices are.
  7. #7 meatetarian, Aug 4, 2013
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    Clearly stated he can't get a hold of his dealers. Literally the first sentence.

    Anyways OP what do you mean you don't want to spend that kind of money on weed. If you're buying individual eighths you actually are spending more money on weed. If you smoke the half o at the same rate as your eighth you'll actually spend less on weed.
  8. Yeah i know thats another reason why i want to start buying in bigger weight, but i feel like if i get caught im loosing a hella lot of money. Like going from spending $60 for weed to $160-200 its a pretty big step. 
  9. it just feels like a big step wait till you buy a pound.
  10. Hahahaha oops man my bad OP.
  11. Caught by who? Your parents or the law? If its the law it doesn't matter how much weed you lose because you're still fucked and if its your parents then stick to the eighths since money isn't an issue
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    I smoke every waking moment of my life so I try not to buy anything below O because the more you buy it, it'll always be cheaper. If I buy like a quad at a time, I would be living on the streets cuz that's making my habit pretty expensive... So my advice is always buy bigger if you got the money.
  13. Go for a half. But work the prices. Don't drop your money like that.
    if it's 200 try going for 180 at least
  14. buy a quarter and a scale that way you know you aren't being ripped off
  15. I usually pay $110 for a quarter or $175 for a half. Even if I'm really broke, I go for a half though just because I'd rather pay $65 more for double the amount. I'll probably ask my dealer if she'll do $90 or $100 because I have a vape now and I like my shit fresh

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