quarter of shrooms fresh?

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  1. this was my first time trying shrooms. i went and picked the other day with my buddy and ate when we got home. we each had 7.5 grams fresh since we only found 15gs. these were for sure psilocybe cubesnsis (sp?). not too great, i know. anyway, i just felt a little weird and i didnt really like the feeling. was that enough to get any good effects? if i take more, enough to actually trip, is it going to be the same feeling but stronger? or is 7 grams fresh just so little it really doesnt have an effect?
  2. nah man you have to dry them.

    7 grams fresh is probably something like a gram
  3. i thought it was about equal to a gram dry. you can still eat them fresh. what im asking is what kind of effects do you get from such a low dose? just a weird feeling? that's what i experienced and didn't enjoy it. will a full blown shroom trip have the same feeling to it?
  4. last time i shroomed i had 2 grams of dryed shrooms and things like walls started to move in a wavey motion
  5. 7 grams fresh is less than a gram dried properly.

    You need to eat about 2-3.5g dried to get real effects.
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    alright, so the wierd feeling i got from this low dose, will it be the same with a higher dose, plus ill be tripping?

    edit: i mean, when i take a higher dose, say 2 grams, i know i'll be tripping, but will i still feel this weirdness? or are different doses completely different?
  7. You will feel like you're tripping. Eat em and find out.

    Make sure you have the right kind. If you want to know more about shrooms, may i suggest the shroomery? They can give you all the answers you need.
  8. word. that;'s where i found out what i had. i just didn't find the feeling pleasant and want to know if you feel weird when your tripping like that.
  9. First, did you get it ID'd by someone, or look it up yourself?

    And I can't really describe tripping to you, it's something you gotta experience for yourself.
  10. i had them id'd, and they were indeed cubes. i suppose i will try a higher dose in a couple of weeks.
  11. Again, 2-3.5g dried to get a decent trip.
  12. i know, still wanted to try out the little bit i had though. i will definitely be eating more next time.
  13. No harm in eating what you got man, just sayin for next time.

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