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Quarter of dank. Or ounce of mid.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slawter, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. #1 Slawter, Nov 13, 2011
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    So i have 100$ and i am having some trouble deciding whether i should get dank or mids. Tonight i am getting 5 g's of this guys mids for 25$ to test em out and i already know his dank is bomb as shit. I dont know though i just feel like the mid will go farther. But i know the dank will be so sweet. I am trying to buy this bud to last me 2 weeks at the least.
  2. Always get dank.:smoke:

    Besides, if his dank is $125 a Q, then his $5 grams of "mids" will be shit.
  3. i like grabbing a big ass sack of mids every once in a while. i think im gonna do this tomorrow actually +rep for reminding me OP
  4. Get da dank no mateer waaat
  5. It depends's your cooking?:smoke:
  6. Dank man.
    Got an ounce of mids last week 'n already smoked it.
    Decent high but it's like I have to have a bowl every half hour.
    Cheap though.
  7. Quality over Quantity all day.. Mids suck... Nuff said. Thats like 14yr old shit.. Not worth it..

  8. It's 100 a quarter. And i can actually get some pretty good mids for 5 a g.

  9. What?

  10. Your cool bro.
  11. #11 joe250, Nov 14, 2011
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    So $125 for an ounce of mids. I would go with that and cure it to high-mids. Sell some and your good. A quarter of dank for $125 is some straight bullshit. The most I paid for the superdank purps was $130 for over half an oz (15 grams)

    People saying quality over quanity should understand whats a good deal and a bad deal. Theres a limit and I'm for quality all the way but I never pay more than point for point. Just look for dealers who do dank for cheap. I have over 20 people I can go to but only 2 of them give out the dank for a good price.

  12. No Problem.
  13. OP dont listen. if you can get good mids for 5/g thats obviously a better deal than paying 4x as much for maybe only 2x the quality. the only people telling you otherwise buy dank because they want to be better than others, money is not a factor, or health reasons.

  14. 100 dude. I am spending 25$ tonight on a sample of the mid. But 20 a g is normal prices round here :/
  15. I personally say the danks bc mid and reg weed never do it for me, i find myself unable to smoke enough to get high because they are soo shitty on my lungs i cant smoke em constantly like dank but unlike dank i need hella bowls to get high. If ur planning on smoking alotta ppl down or matching go mids. But fuck 125 a q? way too much bro never pay more than 100 a Q and thats a stretch
  16. I think everyone has their own preference, and most people pick quality over quantity, but me personally I'd much rather get the mids. I'd rather be able to smoke as many joints, blunts, bowls, pipe bowls as I want without having to be like "shit, gonna smoke a little less and conserve until next pickup". It works much better for me cause I'm a multiple times a day toker. It's nice to treat yourself to dank though! What have you been smoking regularly?
  17. In some parts of the country, $100-110 is normal for 7grams, I've even seen it go for more at times.

    $125 for a GOOD ounce of mids isn't a bad price. I used to pay the same amount back in H.S., good ass mids, but it had seeds. Other than the seeds, most people would assume its some lower quality dank. $125 was a good price too considering dank is $380 an O here.

  18. It is 100 a q man. I guess stoners really can't do math :p
  19. If you have access to high potency, correctly grown strains why would you ever want to go back to mids? Yeah, it's easier on the wallet, but dank is magical and takes you to a different planet while mids just "gets the job done." It's like 2 completely different experiences. If you want to cook or roll shit up, that's different, get the mids, but for smoking, dank wins every time. I don't mind paying more for the quality I'm looking for. In the long run what's more important, the price you paid or the quality of the experience? Hell yeah, dank is king. :D
  20. Depends on how good the mids is, I've seen stuff labeled mids that smoked good and had no seeds at all. I love my dank but I generally smoke blunts so it burns way more of a hole in my wallet. Plus you could roll up mad l's of the mids. But if your a bowl/bong type of guy I'd say the danks. It just depends, 125$ for a quarter is way more then i've ever paid, even for white widow. Do your thing though.

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